Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 141

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 141

Chapter 141 Ugly Belly

Initially, Elizabeth had wanted to complain to Jessica.

However, since Jessica wasn’t in a good mood recently, Elizabeth was reluctant to bother her with further problems.

With Lillian taking the initiative to start the conversation now, Elizabeth felt that she could talk freely. She was relieved to finally have someone to talk to.

Lillian’s eyes lit up. She urged, “Tell me more. Is it because he is always unemotional when he is around you? Does he just randomly scold people?”

Elizabeth thought about Lillian’s questions.

Indeed, he always has a stern look on his face. He rarely scolds people, though. On the other hand, he did trick me into paying him more than one hundred thousand.

She was pretty pis sed off by Matthew. Elizabeth said, “You are right. He always has a cold look on his face. It’s as if


everyone owes


Hmm, it’s true, though. I did owe Matthew some money. Oh, whatever. I’m going to complain about him anyway.

Elizabeth continued, “Yes. He always chastises others for their mistakes. He insulted the managers so badly that they dared not look him in the eyes. Oh yea, he only drinks coffee without sugar. Don’t you think something is wrong with him?”

At the same time that Elizabeth finished her sentence, Matthew, who was taking care of the kids, sneezed


He frowned. The water temperature is okay. Am I sick?

Matthew looked at the kids. They are having fun, though. No sign of being cold. Do I have a weaker endurance than the

With a yellow rubber duck pool float around her waist, Abby swam toward Matthew. “Mr. Handsome, I think someone

talked about you behind your back. Ms. Elliott told me that if you sneeze once, it’s because someone scolded you secretly.”


Matthew peered at Abby’s earnest face. He lifted his brow. “Really? Who would do that?”

Abby shook her head. “I don’t know. You are so good-looking. I don’t know why anyone would be willing to speak ill of

Matthew chuckled. She is a sweet talker!

He gently pushed her in her brothers’ direction. “Go play with your brothers. I’ll ask your mommy to come over here as

soon as possible.”

Why isn’t Elizabeth here yet? What is taking her so long?

Matthew leaned on the wall behind him. He took his phone from the tray on his side.

He texted her: Elizabeth, when are you coming over? Abby had asked for you twice, and she was sobbing because you

didn’t show up. She was afraid.

The man typed and sent the message while looking at Abby, who was laughing happily while she flailed about in the pool.

He patiently waited for Elizabeth to reply.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth didn’t have her phone with her. She left it in the room for fear of misplacing it or dropping it into

the pool.

After complaining about Matthew to Lillian, she was in a much better mood.

The group took off their white bathrobe and jumped into the hot spring. Tiana exclaimed in surprise from the other hot

spring. “Lizzy, is that an old-fashioned swimsuit? Did you take it from an elementary kid?”

Everyone turned to look at Elizabeth. The woman remained expressionless as she peered at Tiana

Tiana was wearing a rose-colored branded bikini with a genuine diamond on it.

Lights reflected from the diamond while Tiana deliberately moved her body around to flaunt her bikini.

“Tiana, anything you wear will be nice if you have a gorgeous figure.”

Tiana’s face hardened. She whispered to Yolanda, “She thought she was the deal with her big boobs. Wait for it. I’ll go for

then” breast augmentation surgery in a few days. I’ll get an E-cup. I bet she won’t get to be so smug

Yolanda watched as Elizabeth submerged herself into the water.

She questioned, “Tia, why is her figure still so nice after giving birth to three kids?”

Tiana was unhappy to hear that. “What’s so nice about her body? She should expose her waist if she is confident. I bet she has an ugly belly. That’s why she didn’t want to show it off.”


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