Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 143

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 143

Chapter 143 Instant Father

Upon hearing the words, Elizabeth turned around and realized it was Matthew.

She was stunned for a moment. In fact, what she said just now was just to pressure Tiana

Why is Matthew here? Did he hear what I’d said?

Elizabeth was taken aback, and her mind went blank. She did not know what to do next

The people in the hot spring pools were dumbfounded because they finally saw Matthew in real life.

Matthew was wearing a gray bathrobe, and his hair was slightly messy. Still, he looked handsome.

Especially the way Matthew frowned when he was smoking. He looked like a handsome bad boy

The ladies were shocked by Matthew’s visual, whereas the men were startled as well. The men wanted to get to know

Matthew, but they did not dare to do so.

They thought Matthew was exuding a powerful aura, and he looked superior for some reason.

Tiana was shocked as well. A moment before, she said she would marry Matthew, and now he was here.

Besides, Matthew called Elizabeth instead of her.

Tiana felt helpless. She did not know what to do.

At this moment, she was frightened because her marriage with Matthew was fake. Tiana hoped that Matthew would not

expose her lie.

Matthew took another puff on his cigarette and said, “Come with me, Elizabeth”

Elizabeth did not want to go out with him. However, Lillian, who was beside Elizabeth, knew the latter was Matthew’s secretary. Hence, she pulled Elizabeth and said to Matthew, “Hello, Mr. Hilton. I’m Lillian from the marketing department of Goodridge Mall.”

Matthew took a glance at her and replied, “Hello!”

Lillian almost fainted when Matthew greeted her.


Lillian thought she must show off to the others when she worked on the day after tomorrow.

Elizabeth was pushed to Matthew’s side by Lillian. Then, she had no choice but to force a smile.

“P-Matthew. Haha!”

“Come out. Our girl is crying. She’s looking for you.”

Elizabeth quickly got out of the pool and put on her bathrobe. Then, she followed behind Matthew to Mansion 6.

Everyone came back to their senses after Matthew and Elizabeth were out of their sight.

Then, Benjamin got up and left after wearing the bathrobe. Seeing that, Chester followed after him.

“Benjamin, what’s the matter? Let’s enjoy for a while!”

Meanwhile, the other people present recomposed themselves and looked at Tiana.

Someone asked, “Tiana, did Elizabeth really give birth to Matthew’s baby?”

“Are you not his fiancée?”

“Your family affairs are so complicated.”

Tiana was stunned and remained rooted to her spot for a moment. Then, she glanced at the people.

“Are you Wait and see for yourself next month. You’ll know who is the one to marry Matthew.”

not trusting

In the meantime, Elizabeth followed Matthew to Mansion 6. There were a lot of pools and a special pool for children in the

courtyard The triplets were having fun in the pool for children.

Elizabeth was stunned. “Mr. Hilton, Abby isn’t crying at all.

After seeing their mother, the triplets waved at her.

“Mommy, come and play with us.”

Matthew threw the cigarette on the floor and stepped on it. Then, he said to the triplets, “Enjoy yourselves. I want to have

a little chat will


Then, Matthew gave his order to Esme and the bodyguards beside the kiddie pool. “Keep an eye on the triplets. I don’t

want them to drown.”

After finishing his words, Matthew turned and grabbed Elizabeth’s hand. He pulled her into the guest room on the first floor and kicked the door close with his long leg

In the room, the air-conditioner was turned on. It was warm in it. Although their swimsuits were wet on the way, the room was not cold. Only plumes of white fumes could be seen.

Matthew slowly approached Elizabeth, and then he ripped off the strap of her bathrobe. Instantly, Elizabeth’s bathrobe slipped down, revealing the sen-blue swimsuit and her beautiful curve.



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