Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 144

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 144

Chapter 144 The Calculative Matthew

Elizabeth was startled, and she crossed her arms over her chest. “What are you doing?”

She looked at Matthew in alert, and she slowly took a few steps back

Elizabeth wondered if Matthew was going to force himself on her because she had lied to others that he was the father of the triplets

Matthew frowned slightly and asked, “What are you wearing?”

He thought Elizabeth had a nice body figure, but she was wearing a one-piece swimsuit. He could not see her body figure


Since Elizabeth was in his place now, Matthew thought he should let her wear something he liked.

Elizabeth averted her gaze and said, “This is a swimsuit! Can’t you see it?”

Is Matthew blind? How can he not realize I’m wearing a swimsuit?

Looking at Elizabeth’s nervous expression, Matthew was up to something, However, the triplets were outside. He

wondered what he could do.

The boys would rush in once they heard Elizabeth scream.

Matthew did not want to show a bad example to the triplets. Then, a mischievous look glinted across his dark eyes.

“Your swimsuit’s ripped. Who do you want to show your body to?”

Elizabeth was shocked, and her mouth was opened slightly when she heard his words.

“What? Where?”

She immediately took off the bathrobe and checked it.

Matthew asked Elizabeth to turn around. Then, he pulled the fabric behind her waist with his fingers.

He knew the thread here was the easiest part to fall off. The swimsuit would be ripped apart once he pulled it.


While talking, Matthew poked at the spot where the swimsuit was ripped.

He felt the soft skin underneath the swimsuit, and the sense of touch stimulated his brain. Matthew narrowed his eyes for

a moment.

“Got it?” he asked.

Elizabeth was embarrassed when she knew the swimsuit was ripped.

“Mr. Hilton, thank you! I have to buy another swimsuit *

She grabbed the bathrobe and put it on while talking

Matthew smirked and pointed at the bed.

“There’s a new swimsuit here. It will be included in the room rental. You can wear it.”

Then, he turned and walk out of the room. Matthew wanted to smoke, but he realized his cigarette and lighter were


Looking at the swimsuit on the bed, Elizabeth was stunned for a moment.

“Mr. Hilton, I’ll transfer the money for the swimsuit to you.”

While talking, she quickly closed and locked the door.


Elizabeth walked to the bed and looked at the swimsuit on it. It was a bikini. It had a halter-neck design, and there were

only a few strips of cloth on the thigh.

This bikini is too revealing!

Elizabeth stood rooted to the ground. She wondered if the bikini could cover her curvy body.

Elizabeth hesitated for a moment. However, she knew it was the first time the triplets came to a hot spring villa, and they

would be disappointed if she did not join them.

Elizabeth thought she should have fun with them since they were here.

Then, she gritted her teeth after making up her mind. Matthew has seen many beauties before, anyway. He won’t be

interested in me.

She put on the bikini and stood in front of the mirror. Although it had less fabric, it managed to cover the important body


However, Elizabeth felt that she looked like one of the models on the beach.

She took a deep breath. Elizabeth was always confident with her body figure and visual.

Wrapped in the bathrobe, she walked out of the room. However, Elizabeth realized that the bodyguards and Esme were no

longer in the courtyard.

Matthew was playing with the triplets. The boys were playing on the water slides in the kiddie pool, whereas Abby was playing in the water in a yellow rubber duck pool float beside Matthew.


Abby laughed sweetly. “Hahaha… Mr. Handsome, it’s fun here. I like to play in the water.”


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