Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 145

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 145

Chapter 145 Taking Her Pictures

When Elizabeth saw how happy Abby was, she looked at Matthew, who was taking pictures of Abby with his phone, and he occasionally glanced at Antony and Arthur.

He’s pretty observant. If he becomes a father, he must be a good father.

Elizabeth walked to the pool. She looked at the rose petals in it, sat to the side, and put her legs in the water.

“Antony, Arthur, be careful. That one’s pretty high.”

The two liked to play exciting games. Other than the two pools, there were various water sports facilities in the mansion’s courtyard.

The two boys liked those and were very satisfied.


Antony and Arthur were standing on a high platform, waving to Elizabeth Antony said, “Mommy, don’t worry. We’ll be careful.”

Abby heard Elizabeth’s voice. She turned her head and swam toward the latter.

“Lizzy, get in the water. It’s so warm inside.”

Elizabeth glanced at Matthew, but he did not seem to be looking at her.

This man has seen a lot of women. He doesn’t even bother to look at me. Then, she took off her bathrobe.

She did not know, however, that Matthew had been waiting for this moment. When Matthew looked at her, he knew this swimsuit would fit her body.

Elizabeth wore this swimsuit better than models. She had a slim waist, but she had an ample bosom.

Matthew had already felt that the last time.

A certain feeling crept over him as he recalled the moment, and he gulped.

Then, he looked down into the water and warned himself, “Calm down. It’s not time yet.”

Elizabeth got into the water and played with Abby. Abby swam to Elizabeth, and she swam to Matthew after a moment.

“Mr. Handsome, have you seen Lizzy’s boobs? Aren’t they super big and soft?”

A hint of surprise slid over Matthew’s eyes. Why is she asking me about this?

Elizabeth hurriedly covered Abby’s mouth.

“Abby, you can’t talk like that.”

Chapter 145 Taking Her Pictures

Abby blinked. I saw it on TV. Don’t guys like to look at that part of girls? I’m just reminding Mr. Handsome that Lizzy’s

chest looks good too, and he must like her.

Feeling embarrassed, Elizabeth blushed. Normally, Abby won’t say things like that. Why is she behaving like this today?

Elizabeth heaved a sigh.

Matthew pulled out his phone, then pretended he was busy and did not hear what Abby said.

Elizabeth walked Abby to the children’s pool and whispered to her, “Abby, don’t say that in the future. Okay? What did I

teach you? You can’t let anyone touch or talk about the places covered by your undershirt and shorts.

Abby pouted and nodded.

“Got it. ”

After educating her daughter, Elizabeth breathed a sigh of relief.

I hope he was busy and didn’t hear it.

Matthew was looking at the pictures of a certain woman before she got into the pool.

He smirked, zoomed in on the picture, and eyed her closely. Her skin was fair, and she had a curvy figure and shapely


She was stunningly beautiful.

At that moment, someone called him at the front door of the mansion.

“Matthew, open the door! I am Tiana.”

Matthew frowned and dialed Esme’s number. Earlier, Elizabeth had wanted to change into her swimsuit, so he had sent

all the bodyguards and Esme away.

“Mr. Hilton, Ms. Wade is here, and she says she wants to see you.”

Matthew turned his head and looked at Elizabeth, who was playing happily with the three children.


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