Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 146

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 146

Chapter 146 Becoming Her Concern

Therefore, Matthew said coldly, “Tell her I don’t have time to meet her.”

Then, Esme hung up the phone and said to Tiana, “Ms. Wade, I’m sorry. Mr. Hilton is busy at the moment and doesn’t have time to see you.”

Tiana could hear the laughter inside. Obviously, Elizabeth is inside. What could he be busy with? What had Elizabeth done to have caused Matthew to show up at that critical time as if he was the father of her children? My classmates don’t believe me anymore and think that Matthew and she are a family. D’mın it!

Tiana gritted her teeth in hatred.

However, the door was guarded by some people. If they did not allow her to go in and find Matthew, there was nothing she could do.

Yolanda walked up to her. “Tia, they don’t let you in?”

Tiana forced a smile. “They said Matthew was away, and Elizabeth was his secretary. He brought relatives over to have some fun. One child kept crying, so he asked Elizabeth to take care of the child.”

Yolanda laughed. “I see! I thought she really gave birth to Matthew’s child!”

She was willing to give birth to Matthew’s child if she could. With this child, even if she could not marry into the Hilton family, she was at least the mother of Matthew’s child. Therefore, she would have a significant amount of wealth.

Tiana stepped forward. “Is she worthy of Matthew? She was impregnated by an old man who was about sixty or seventy years old.”

When Yolanda heard this, she frowned.

“That’s disgusting. She can really sleep with anyone.”

After playing all afternoon, all th

children were tired.

After taking a bath, the children went to bed and fell asleep.

Elizabeth came out of the shower and saw the three children lying asleep in a row on the bed. Abby lay in the middle, and her two brothers protected her at her side.

She tucked them in and looked at the children’s faces. They’re becoming more and more beautiful. They all have exquisite facial features!

Elizabeth sat down on the edge of the bed. As she looked at her three children, she smiled.

Matthew stepped into the room and saw that she was looking at the children with a loving, motherly smile on her face,

He was slightly stunned. A woman can be so gentle and beautiful when she looks at her children!

Seeing a different side of Elizabeth, Matthew felt as if he had been hit by Cupid’s arrow.

He strolled to her and lifted her chin.

The smile on Elizabeth’s face receded in fear the moment she saw him.

“Mr. Hilton…”

“Why are you zoning out? Accompany me to dinner. I’m hungry.”

Elizabeth turned her head to look at the three children and felt uneasy.

“Esme will take care of them, and they’ll be fine. You can bring them some food later.”

Elizabeth was also starving. After bathing in the hot spring all day, she was exhausted and needed food to replenish her


“All right.”

She walked beside him, and the two of them walked toward the restaurant.

The two walked side by side in a small alley in the wood at sunset.


put his hands in his pockets and stared ahead.

“Elizabeth, are they important to you?”

Matthew was thinking about the scene where she was happily playing with her three children, and he felt that these three children were her treasure.

Elizabeth smiled. “Of course, they are the only concern to me in this world.”

Matthew frowned slightly. What about me? What am I to her? He was curious to know the answer.



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