Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 148

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 148

Chapter 148 As Long As You Are Happy

“Black,” replied Matthew almost immediately.

Elizabeth was dumbfounded. That was exactly what she had guessed.

“Okay, I got it.

The two did not speak after that and dug into their food in silence.

Meanwhile, a few of Elizabeth’s classmates were strolling around after their meals. When they passed by the garden

restaurant, they caught sight of the two sitting face to face by the window walls.

The woman looked sweet and lovely, and the man was drop-dead charming.


Matthew scooped some dishes for Elizabeth from time to time and gazed at her intently before continue eating his meal


Seeing that, the few women who stood not far away were all thrilled.

“Wow, Matthew is so gentle to women!”

“I know right! I wish I could be the woman sitting across him!”

“Wait! Why do I feel the girl looks familiar? Isn’t that Elizabeth?”

Yolanda froze for a moment before she exclaimed, “That’s her!”

Didn’t Tia say she was just taking care of Matthew’s kids? She said that he had left, but now, the two are sitting face to

face. Matthew even scooped her dishes.

Yolanda hurriedly took out her phone to take a video for Tiana and attached it with a message that wrote: Look, Tia. They

seem to be dating! You’d better watch your man.

Elizabeth was so full. After soaking in the hot spring for half a day, she was worn out.

Just because the dishes were too delicious that she could not help but eat a little more. However, she seemed to have eaten

too much

She held her waist as she rose to her feet, feeling slightly uncomfortable.

Then, she glanced at the man who was still drinking the soup, secretly blaming him for keep scooping dishes for her. She

did not want to waste the food, so she ended up finishing them all.

Did Matthew think he was feeding a pig?

Just then, the waiter came over with the packed food. “Mr. Hilton, should I deliver them now?”

Chapter 148 As Long As You Are Happy

Before Matthew could respond, Elizabeth said, “It’s okay. I’ll send them.”

They were going back, anyway. Matthew merely shot her a glance. She’s so kindhearted that she even does what the waiter

should do.

In an apathetic voice, Matthew reminded, “Carry them by yourself then. Don’t ask for my help.

He was a CEO who was used to having others serve him. There was no way he could accept when it was the other way


Elizabeth knew him well, so she merely smiled without retorting a word.

“I like to feed my own kids.”

Right after saying that, she took the two bags of packed food and walked toward the door joyfully.

Matthew slightly furrowed his brows as he watched her. She sounded so proud of herself when she said that just now.

Meanwhile, Matthew had no one whom he could care for as she did to her children. He felt as though he had lost to her in

some way.

As the thought hit him, he got up from his seat and ran after her.

He took the two bags of food from her hand and walked in front as if nothing had happened.

Elizabeth was puzzled for a brief moment. Didn’t he say he wouldn’t help me? What a liar!

After having a good nap and being fed, the triplets were energetic.

Matthew looked at the time and asked, “Do you all want to play with fireworks?”

He had prepared a lot of

her diary: What does it feel and

wanted to set them off for her. That was because he had seen what she wrote in

to set off the whole night?

He had noted it down since he read that

Abby jumped in joy. “Hooray! I want to watch fireworks.”

Although Matthew wanted a personal moment with Elizabeth, he knew she doted on her children. Hence, he would not

mind having the children around too.

Seemingly having something weighing on mind, Arthur and Antony frowned slightly.

He’s so childish, but that’s what to Mommy’s liking!

Abby held Arthur’s and Antony’s hands. “Are you both happy? There are so many events today. Mr. Handsome is such a

romantic person!”


Arthur caught sight of how delighted Abby looked, so he reached out his hand to pat her on the head.

“As long as you’re happy!”


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