Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 149

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 149

Chapter 149 She Is So Beautiful

Antony glanced at the man next to him, who fixed his gaze on their mother.

He could tell from that man’s affectionate moves that the latter was truly fond of Elizabeth.

Nonetheless, Elizabeth seemed like she was clueless about Matthew’s feelings for her. Right then, she was still busy reminding the children that it was dangerous to play with fireworks.

In the front yard of the mansion, there was a hot spring pool and some water sports. In that case, the backyard was the best place to set off the fireworks,

Matthew took them to the backyard, and all kinds of fireworks had been properly set up.

Esine was already there with a few bodyguards. As soon as he saw Elizabeth and the others coming, he lit a few boxes of fireworks that they had prepared beforehand. In an instant, the fireworks shoot straight up before shattering into thousands of colorful sparks, lighting up the night sky.

Elizabeth was astonished by the captivating scene before her. She had seen fireworks on New Year’s eve, but it was the first time she could see them at such a close distance like that night.

Suddenly, she recalled a novel she had read before. The male and female leads had set off fireworks on the top of the mountain all night long.

At that time, she had been wondering how it felt to experience the same. She thought it would certainly be a memorable, blissful moment.

Unfortunately, she

be in love for her entire life.

never dated anyone before. Thus, she was afraid that she would never get to know how it felt like to

Despite that, she could take it as the fireworks were set off for her even though she knew that was not the case. As she stared at the fireworks in the sky at that moment, she could feel her heart throbbing unexpectedly.

Arthur and Antony reached out their hands to cover Abby’s ears as she watched the fireworks scattering all over the sky. The fireworks were in all kinds of shapes and patterns.

Abby skipped excitedly and called out, “Arthur, Antony, they look amazing!”

The two boys looked rather calm as they looked up at the blossoms of rainbow lights against the night sky. That view wast exceptionally breathtaking.

Matthew saw how Abby was doted by her two elder brothers. She’s such a blessed little girl. Even though she doesn’t have

a father, she has them as her elder brothers.

Her elder brothers had taken the role of her father. Matthew could tell that the brothers would be very picky about her

boyfriend in the future. They would certainly make sure that her boyfriend could treat her as well as they did.

Chapter 149 She Is So Beautiful

Matthew then shifted his gaze to the woman, who was staring at the sky next to him.

She wore a faint smile, and she did not seem too excited. She was merely watching everything in silence.

Matthew suddenly reached out his hands to cover her ears.

Only then did she divert her gaze from the sky to his face.

A flush of embarrassment rose to her cheeks as she said, “Mr. Hilton, I’m not a kid.”

She was not Abby who was afraid of the sound of explosions. In fact, the sound was nothing to her.

Wearing a grin, Matthew explained, “The two boys are such gentlemen. If I don’t do something, it makes me look like I’m

worse than a kid.”


Hearing that, Elizabeth could not help laughing. She took a look at her children, who were standing not far away from

That scene looked exactly like a painting to her. It was a lovely view with her good-looking triplets and the beautiful. fireworks as the backdrop.

She did not resist Matthew’s approach but let him put his hands over her ears.

Knowing that Matthew was a headstrong person, and he would do anything so that he would not lose to her sons, she

decided to give him that chance.

Esme took out his phone and hurriedly took a picture of the intimate moment between the two.

If I send this to Mr. Hilton tomorrow, he’ll probably give me a bonus.

It finally hit Esme that he would also be benefited when Matthew had a woman by his side.

As long as I latch onto Ms. Wade, my life will be much easier in the future. Even if I make a mistake, Ms. Wade’s words will be more helpful than all my hard work.

Matthew was not looking at the fireworks. Instead, he had his eyes fixed on that woman, who was so close to him at that


Her lips slightly pouted, and they looked as plump as ripe cherries. Besides, her big, deep eyes were gleaming, and they were as clear as a pool of water.


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