Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 15

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Fallen Sick 

Arthur acted just like an adult when he instructed Cody to go back and take care of

Elizabeth. He told her how often she was supposed to take Elizabeth’s temperature and what

medication to give Elizabeth.

Meanwhile, Antony was typing out a text for Matthew on his phone. Although he was only

five, he had already learned all the words.

Just like Arthur, he was highly intelligent. Ever since they were around two, they had already

started learning all the words.

Antony texted: Mr. Handsome, this is Abby. Help! The password is 520911. Follow the

address given.

After sending the text, Antony switched off his phone. After all, phones weren’t allowed at


Abby pouted. “Antony, do you think he’ll show up?”

Hopefully, Mi. Handsome will take good care of Lizzy! Since he looks so much like my

brothers, he could be our daddy!

Antony patted her head and said, “You have to trust me.”

Any person who has a conscience would surely show up after reading the text.

Antony was testing Matthew to see if he was worthy of being their father. He was hoping that

Matthew was indeed a righteous man.

Arthur walked toward his teacher after telling Cody what to do.

Antony then ran toward Cody and cast a charming smile. “Ms. Elliott, you should just take

the day off if you see a car parked at the entrance when you get back. After school, please come

and fetch us.”

Cody shook her head in dismissal because she was worried about Elizabeth. “I have to check

on Lizzy. Arthur told me she’s having a fever.”


How could I take a day off at a time like this?

“Don’t worry, Ms. Elliott. Someone will take care of her. Weren’t you hoping that she could find herself a boyfriend?”

As soon as Cody heard that, her eyes widened in bewilderment. “Lizzy has a boyfriend?”

That’s good, then! I should give her some privacy. Besides, she’s not feeling well at the moment, and she’s definitely yearning for her boyfriend’s love and care.

Antony nodded in response. He then ran toward Arthur and Abby and followed their teacher

into the school.

Meanwhile, Matthew was sitting in his car, looking through his emails on his phone. Suddenly, he received a text message. He tapped on the notification bar, and the message read: Mr. Handsome, this is Abby. Help! The password is 520911. Follow the address given.

He frowned slightly upon seeing that. Abby?

At first, he was still in a daze. As soon as he noticed the word “Mr. Handsome,” he instructed

his chauffeur coldly, “Go to Snowy Barber now. Drive faster.”

The chauffeur did as he was told and turned the car around before picking up the speed.

Seated in the front, Esme, the assistant, turned to the back and asked, “Mr. Hilton, you have a

meeting at half-past nine. Do you want me to call it off?”

At that point, Matthew only had Abby in his mind and thought that the little girl was in

trouble. Hence, he responded flatly, “Call it off.”

“Yes, Mr. Hilton,” Esme answered.

After half an hour, the car arrived at 150 Snowy Barber. Matthew got out of the car and

walked toward the entrance of an old house with a small courtyard.

He threw a glance at the door and entered the password before walking in.

“Abby… Abby…”


Chapter 15 Fallen Sick

As he was walking in, he noticed the courtyard was beautifully maintained. Besides, the

plants in the flower bed were growing very well. I bet this place is full of flowers during


Upon making his way into the building, he saw a minimalistic living room with a coffee

table, a couch, and a tiny television.

In the living room, the floor was sca ttered with toys. Needless to say, it was obvious that the

house was occupied by a family with children.

“Abby…” Matthew called out once more.

Elizabeth was in a daze because of the fever. She coughed a few times, and Matthew heard

her. He hurried upstairs and managed to find the room she was in.

As he was pushing the door open while walking in, he called out, “Abby?”

To his surprise, he saw a woman in bed with her face flushed.


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