Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 153

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 153

Chapter 153 Exactly Like Matt

“Let’s go. Get in the car. Today we’ll be heading to an elderly woman’s house as guests. Please remember to stay


“All right,” the three kids replied in unison.

With that, they left the house.

Cody had some fruits and coffee in her hand as she followed behind them.

“Lizzy, are you bringing them home?”

Cody was aware about her family’s situation. She knew they were a wealthy family from Mistwood. The kids had grown

up, and maybe it was time for them to return to their roots.

Elizabeth shook her head. “Nope. We’re just going to a friend’s house.”

She would never bring the kids back to the Wade family. Michael was a prideful man. He was still resentful over the


If it was not because of his years of favoritism for Elizabeth, he might not even be willing to see her.

She would never bring the kids back to the family just to face their brutal lectures.

After the kids entered the car, Cody placed the gifts on the passenger seat.

“Drive carefully, Lizzy.”

Elizabeth hopped into the car and nodded.

“Okay. You cook something for yourself tonight. We might be late.”

The four of them then headed to the Hilton residence and parked in a parking space.

Looking at the enormous manor, Abby shouted, “Lizzy, are we at a castle? It’s so pretty!”

The Hilton residence was a sight to behold. It was humongous. Entering the place made one feel as if they were entering a palace.

Arthur and Antony had never seen such a huge estate as well. Curiosity was sparkling in their eyes.

“This is Mr. Hilton’s house. We’ll be meeting his grandpa and grandma in a short while.”

Abby nodded. “So this is Mr. Handsome’s house. He’s a prince from a castle! No wonder he’s so good-looking!”

Amused by her daughter, Elizabeth burst into laughter. Her little mind is just full of princes, princesses, and palaces,


Abby was a girl full of fantasies.

Right then, Chelsea came out to welcome them personally. There were a few housekeepers behind her.

Stepping out of the car, Elizabeth helped her kids to open the door.

After getting out of the car, the kids checked out the surroundings curiously. As Chelsen saw the two boys, her body

trembled vigorously

The housekeepers quickly held her up. “Old Mrs. Hilton!”

She then lifted her hand, asking them to stop

“I’m fine.”

She slowly walked toward the four of them, her gaze fixated on the three kids.

The daughter looked exactly like Elizabeth She was adorable and beautiful. Even her smile was just as sweet.

The two boys at the side were dashing. They looked just like Matthew when he was younger. Chelsea’s heart dropped in


Is this a concidence? Or is this fate?

“Old Mrs. Hilton, Elizabeth greeted her

Following her, the three kids opened their mouths “Hello, Old Mrs Pretty!”

Chelsea heard their clear voices, and her heart throbbed with excitement

“Hello! Hello!”

Abby leaped into her arms. “Old Mrs. Pretty, you smell so good!”

Chelsea’s heart melted as she touched Abby’s soft cheeks.

“Oh? Aren’t you a sweet talker? I like you!”

Elizabeth quickly introduced, “Old Mrs. Hilton, that is Abby, my daughter. This is the eldest, Arthur, and this is the

second child, Antony.”

They were all born in September, and she gave all of them names starting with the letter “J.”

Nodding. Chelsea remarked, “Abby, Arthur, and Antony. Such beautiful names.”

Holding onto Abby’s hand, she wanted to grab Arthur’s hand as well. However, the boy just walked forward. She could not

help but feel a bit upset when she could not hold his hand.

Even the two boys’ temperaments were just like Matthew’s


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