Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 154

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 154

Chapter 154 I Am Busy


The chattering continued until they reached the living room. Hector was in his wheelchair with a cold look.

As he saw Chelsea, his eyes moved and widened.


He tried to lift his hand, but he could not. The wheelchair was shaking.

Seeing that, the nurse quickly came over. “Hector, please calm down. Take a deep breath.”

Chelsea saw Hector’s reaction and smiled.

Look how excited he is. I wonder how he’ll react when he sees his great-grandchildren.

Abby sat beside Hector and stretched out her small hand. “Old Mr. Handsome, do you want some candy?”

Hector was about to calm down. However, once he saw Abby’s little hand and heard her sweet voice, he was stirred up

even more.

He rolled his eyes, and it scared Chelsea’s heart out.

“Bring Hector back to his room! Let him stay there for the night”

The housekeepers and nurse then pushed Hector back to his room. He tried to mutter something as his head was tilted.

Unfortunately, no one understood he did not wish to leave.

He wanted to see and play with the kids. Sadly, no one could understand him.

When his bedroom door was closed, the atmosphere quietened instantly.

Abby then unwrapped

her candy and fed it into her mouth.

“So sweet!”

In the meantime, Arthur and Antony sat down with their backs straight. Their cool stance attracted a lot of the

housekeepers’ attention.

Elizabeth passed the fruits and coffee to a housekeeper. “Old Mrs. Hilton, I brought some fruits and coffee. It’s not

anything fancy, just a small gift from me.”

Chelsea held onto Elizabeth’s hands. “I’m extremely happy just to have you visit me. You didn’t have to bring anything.

Thank you, Lizzy.”

Chelsen was wearing a dark red dress. She looked charismatic and elegant.

Even with her grey hair, she looked stunning with that kind smile on her face.


Arthur and Antony stayed silent. The two of them were observing their surroundings-it had always been their habit.

Every time they went to an unfamiliar place, they would observe carefully.

On the other hand, Abby acted like a happy duckling. She explored and touched everything with her lollipop in her


Chelsea’s gaze was set on the three kids. The questions she had about them were pilling up.

She had to bring Matthew back for some questioning, as she was curious if he actually made a mistake.

Elizabeth saw Abby running around as though it was her own house. Hence, she went to her daughter. “Abby, don’t go and

touch everything.”

Abby raised her brow. “I touch everything that looks pretty. Am I not allowed to touch them?”

Elizabeth could not help but laughed. However, the housekeepers were staring at her. They must have thought of her as a


She felt embarrassed.

Meanwhile, seeing that the two boys were not eating sweets, Chelsea called them, “Arthur, Antony, if you don’t want

sweets, why not have some fruits?”

Arthur answered with merely a word, “Thanks.”

Antony then had a bright smile “Thank you, Old Mrs. Pretty.”

After that, Chelsea got up. “Lizzy, make yourself at home. I’ll go check the kitchen.”

Elizabeth was following Abby, afraid that the latter would cause havoc. Upon hearing Chelsea, she turned around and

replied, “All right, Old Mrs. Hilton.”

Chelsea then entered the kitchen and gave her eldest grandchild a call.

After a while, he picked up. “Grandma, what’s the matter?”

“Can’t your grandma call you anytime, Matt?”

Matthew always answered Chelsea’s calls with the same sentence, and she did not like that.

“That’s not what I meant. I’m busy right now. Can I call you a little later?”


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