Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 156

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 156

Chapter 156 No One Understands Hector

Chelsea walked over to Hector’s side and saw that he was smiling while eating candy.

She furrowed her brows slightly. “Hector, do you want to join us for dinner?”

He looked at her and nodded.


Chelsea smiled knowingly. “I know why you were throwing a tantrum. You were upset because I didn’t let you out, weren’t

Everyone in the room laughed. Upon seeing this, Abby went up close to Hector and whispered, “Old Mr. Handsome, don’t

be angry. They’re not laughing at you.”

The quick-witted Abby had always been an easy-going girl. She had become familiar with Chelsea very quickly. And now,

she was becoming close with Hector too.

Elizabeth was not worried at all. It seemed that her three children got along well with the elderly. They would often try to

make conversation with the elderly since they were young

Of course, they could merely babble since they were still babies back then, and the elderly would hum in response.

Hector felt frustrated upon hearing Chelsea’s words. They still did not understand him. He was not upset because he could.

not go out.

Instead, it was because he could not see his great-grandchildren.

However, no one knew what he was thinking. He had no choice but to throw a tantrum. They were going to be the death of

him sooner or later.

However, he was glad that the triplets had given him candy and even helped him tidy his hair.

He especially liked the adorable Abby, who was good at sweet-talking and comforting others.

Elizabeth felt at ease after seeing that Hector had calmed down.

She thought Hector was upset because he did not wish to see them. However, she now felt relieved after witnessing how

the three children managed to calm him down.

It would be disastrous if his condition worsened because of their appearance.

The housekeeper pushed Hector into the living room to watch television. In the meantime, Abby happily watched her favorite cartoon while eating fruits.

She would feed Hector some fruits occasionally. Arthur and Antony would then help Abby and Hector to wipe their mouths as they were extremely particular about cleanliness.


They would start wiping as soon as they spotted any crumbs or juice at the corners of Abby’s and Hector’s mouths.


At the same time, Chelsea was chatting with Elizabeth. Chelsea could not help but keep staring at Elizabeth, seemingly

amazed by the latter’s beauty.

Chelsea had met many people in her life, but it was her first time meeting someone as stunning as Elizabeth. She grew

fonder of Elizabeth the more she looked at the latter.

She now understood why Matthew was so smitten.

Right then, the housekeeper announced, “Old Mrs. Hilton, Mr. Hilton is home.”

Elizabeth did not think he would come home and looked toward the door in shock. The two gazes met.

The housekeeper took his coat, and he bent down to change his shoes.

Upon seeing him, Abby ran over with a strawberry.

“Mr. Hilton, you’re back! Open your mouth!”

He scooped her up and opened his mouth as the strawberry was delivered to him.

“Mr. Hilton, your house is so big! It’s like a castle.”

Matthew chuckled. “Abby, why don’t you stay here if you like this place?”

Abby’s eyes brightened. “Really?”

However, she shook her head the very next moment.

“Although this place is pretty, it’s not my home. I still like where I live with my brothers.”

He laughed upon seeing her serious little face.

“If I marry Lizzy, this will become your home. Do you want to help me to win your mommy’s heart?”

Her downcast eyes suddenly brightened up again.

“You’re right! I’ll ask my brothers to help you too.”


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