Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 161

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 161

Chapter 161 The Truth

Matthew frowned and said, “Call the doctor! Hector has just passed out.”

He felt his heart sink, as Hector could not even bear to hear that conversation earlier. It seemed like Hector might breathe

his last if Matthew were to say that he would marry Elizabeth i

instead of Tiana.

While driving home, Elizabeth felt a surge of mixed feelings.

To her surprise, she felt an indescribable feeling about what had happened. As soon as she thought of Matthew, she shook her head, seemingly trying to clear her mind.

There’s no way I’ll become someone like Celine. Even though I hate Tiana, I’ll never get into someone else’s relationship.


When Abby spotted the oncology hospital, she exclaimed, “Lazzy, I haven’t seen Pearl in a while. Can we visit them?”

Only then did Elizabeth realize she had just passed by the hospital. How did I end up here? I shouldn’t be overthinking

when I’m driving.

After coming back to her senses, Elizabeth replied, “Sure Let’s go and visit Pearl.

She then took the route that led back to the hospital and drove into the underground parking lot. Moments later, they got

out of the car and walked toward the elevator.

When they arrived at Pearl’s ward in the inpatient building, Pearl was still awake,

As soon as Pearl saw the three children, she sat up happily. “Abby, are you guys here to see me? I miss you all so much!”

The children were surrounding Pearl while chatting happily with her. Pearl seemed to be over the moon in their presence.

Elizabeth noticed that Jessica was there too Jessica hurriedly stood up and walked toward the former.

“Jess, aren’t you going to work tonight?”

Wearing a grin, Jessica replied, “I’ve taken a day off because I’m not feeling well.”

Upon hearing that, Elizabeth was a little anxious. “Where do you feel sick?”

Jessica pulled Elizabeth over to sit down before dragging down her collar slightly to show Elizabeth.

“Right here. I feel uncomfortable whenever I put on my clothes, so I guess I need to rest for a day.”

Elizabeth widened her eyes in surprise. “Oh, is your allergy acting up too?”

She immediately rummaged through her bag to look for the ointment Matthew had taken from the doctor. That cintment

was pretty effective. It would help her to recover within a few days.


“Jess, this ointment is quite useful. I had red patches like yours all over my body some time ago. It felt painful when I put on clothes. So, I applied this ointment and felt a lot better.”

As though Elizabeth’s word had rung a bell, Jessica was stunned for a brief moment before she asked, “Did you

experience the same symptoms as I do too?”

Immediately after saying that, she chuckled as she touched Elizabeth’s face.

“Who was the culprit who caused that? Was it Matthew?”

Seemingly not taking the hint, Elizabeth looked puzzled. “How did you know? I went for a drink with him, and my alcohol

allergy acted up. To be frank, it wasn’t his fault.”

Jessica burst out laughing. “So, you’re allergic to alcohol.”

“That’s right! Aren’t you… Hang on. You can’t be allergic to alcohol, right?”

Jessica laughed so hard that her stomach hurt. She tugged at Elizabeth as she questioned, “Lizzy, why are you so

innocent? Still, Matthew’s pretty cunning


Jessica’s laughter was giving Elizabeth goosebumps.

“Jess, if you have something to say, just say it. The way you laugh is sending chills down my spines.”

Then, Jessica inched closer and whispered in Elizabeth’s ear.

Just as Jessica explained to her, Elizabeth’s face instantly turned beet red, and her eyes widened in shock.

“Are you really telling the truth? H-His… Matthew, you b’stard!” Elizabeth could not help but curse in fury.

As though entertained by Elizabeth’s response, Jessica continued to tease, “I bet Matthew must be satisfied with yours

since they’re huge!”

Elizabeth was about to pass out, as she had never expected a man could be that nasty.

I must have drunk too much that night. Hence, I have no idea about anything that happened after.

She was fuming in rage.

However, she suddenly came back to her senses. “What about you, Jess? Who did that to you?”

Although Jessica was working at a nightclub, Elizabeth knew that Jessica was someone who embraced self-love. No one would have done that sort of thing to her if she had not agreed to it



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