Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 162

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 162

Chapter 162 The Secret Of Jessica

Jessica’s face fell. As though she was trying to hide something, she averted her gaze and said, “Lizzy, it’s best if you don’t

know anything about it.”

Reading the changes in Jessica’s expression, Elizabeth felt something strange. “Did someone bully you? I’ll help you to

teach him a lesson!”

Jessica could not help but giggle upon seeing Elizabeth’s serious look.

“I thought you’ve sworn not to get involved in fighting anymore after spending a large amount of money to compensate the

one you’ve beaten up last time? You didn’t even bother to put your combat skills into good use when you met Patrick and the

mistress the other day.”

Hearing that, Elizabeth let out a chuckle. “It’s true that I’ve made such a promise. However, how can I just let things slide,

like this when someone has messed with you? He deserves to be beaten to death!”

Jessica heaved a sigh as the incident from yesterday resurfaced in her mind.

“No, I did that of my own accord. There’s no need for you to worry.”

Despite the assurance, Elizabeth was still concerned.

“You must always tell me if something happens. We’re in this together,” said Elizabeth while shaking Jessica.

Jessica nodded in response. The duo continued to chat for a while. Moments later, Elizabeth looked at the time and

noticed it was getting late. She had to bring the children back home, as they had classes to attend the next day.

Therefore, she reminded Jessica, “Don’t forget to apply the ointment. It works well.”

Jessica grinned. “Lizzy, since Mr. Hilton had already done such a thing to you, why don’t you consider being together with him? After all, an outstanding man like him is hard to come by. You’d better not miss the chance.”

Elizabeth shook her head as she answered, “Nope.”

Matthew was Tiana’s boyfriend, so Elizabeth never wanted to have anything to do with him.

“Arthur, Antony, and Abby, it’s time to go home.”

Feeling reluctant, Pearl and Abby gave each other a warm embrace. “Pearl, be good and receive treatment. Once you’ve recovered, we’ll be seeing each other every day just like before,” assured Abby.

“Mommy said I’ll recover soon because I’ll be getting a bone marrow donation,” replied Pearl while nodding her head.

Upon hearing Pearl’s statement, Elizabeth turned to look at Jessica.

“Jess, have you already found a suitable bone marrow donor?”


Previously, she had been thinking about how she could persuade Leonard, but she did not expect there would a new donor

that soon.

I guess there’s no need to trouble Mr. Johnson then. Considering his occupation, it doesn’t seem right to force him into

donating too.

Just then, Jessica thought of the deal she had made the night before. She then replied, “Yes, Pearl can proceed with her

surgery a month later.”

In fact, Jessica had gone to beg Leonard again. However, Leonard had asked her to accompany him for a month. He

would then donate his bone marrow to Pearl when he was satisfied.

For that reason, Leonard had gone overboard with his action, yet Jessica had no choice but to let him do as he pleased.

At the thought of that, the scenes of the night before flooded her mind. She started blushing, but she snapped back to

reality almost immediately.

“That’s great! Jess, your good day is finally here.”

After sending them downstairs, Jessica made sure they had entered the car before she headed back into the hospital.

Having depleted all her energy during the day, Abby immediately fell asleep once she got into the car. She placed her head

and legs over her brothers’ laps, sleeping soundly.

Elizabeth caught a glimpse of their interaction through the rearview mirror. Abby was indeed being well taken care of by

Arthur and Antony.

Elizabeth narrowed her eyes slightly before putting a bright smile on her face. Abby’s such a lucky girl. Even I’m a little

envious of her. So many people have been showering her with love and affection since she was born. She’ll be very picky in

choosing a boyfriend when she grows up. It’s a good thing, though. At least it could lower the risk of her dating a playboy.

Besides, her brothers will certainly help her to eliminate the bad guys.

It was already half-past nine when they arrived home. Elizabeth gently carried Abby while her two sons led the way in


All of a sudden, the duo caught sight of some notes that were stuck on the door. They ran forward and took a piece down

The note wrote: All debts should be repaid, or else you’ll need to pay with your life! Behind the note was a scary figure drawn with red paint.

Poking her head out, Elizabeth asked, “What’s that?”



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