Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 163

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 163

Chapter 163 Silly

She thought that someone was coming to post advertisements again. This was a common scene in the neighborhood, after

all. Often after she woke up, she would find that the door and walls of her house were pasted with all sorts of small


There were medical advertisements, locksmith stickers, job recruitment, and all sorts of weird content.

Arthur said, “Repay what you owe. This one may be from a debt collector.”

Antony nodded as well. “Why are they pasted to our door? Arthur, let’s just tear them all out.”

The two kids started to tear the notes. Meanwhile, Elizabeth carried Abby into the house and put her on her bed.

Seeing her daughter sleeping so soundly, Elizabeth did not have the heart to wake her up for a change.

She looked at Abby in deep contemplation. It seems like she didn’t get sick much recently. Even so, she felt finally at ease

after she landed a stable job.

She prayed that all of her three kids could grow up healthy.

After Arthur and Antony finished removing all the advertisements, they returned to the room and saw Elizabeth.

“Mommy, we’ve removed all the advertisements and have closed the door.”

Elizabeth nodded. “Then head to bed after you take a shower. Goodnight!”

Walking to their side, she pecked their cheeks.

She left the children’s room and headed back to her bedroom.

After a shower, Elizabeth lay on the bed and took out her phone.

She noticed Matthew had sent her a message: Are you home yet?

Initially, he wanted to send her home, but Elizabeth had left early, and Chelsea was holding him for a chat, so he did not

manage to catch on to Elizabeth.

Glancing at the time, Elizabeth noticed the message

She replied: Yes, I’m home.

8 from one and a half hours ago.

Not soon after, Matthew’s message came: Why did it take you so long to reply to my message?

Elizabeth sensed the criticizing overtones in his sentence. Sticking her tongue out, she wished so badly she could answer him that it was after work hours. However, she dared not to do so. As a personal secretary, she understood she had to be on

standby for twenty-four hours.

Elizabeth: I’m sorry, Mr. Hilton. We stopped by the hospital when we were on our way back to visit Pearl. That’s why I

replied late.

Are you satisfied with my reverent reply, you b’stard? With that thought in mind, she rolled her eyes.

Matthew texted: Elizabeth, no matter who I’m going to engage with, you’re the only woman I love.

Elizabeth was about to go to sleep. Her eyes felt heavy, but she was worried that Matthew would send her another message

and receive no reply from her. If so, he would come to the house to confront her in person.

Hence, she kept waiting. Just as she was about to doze off to sleep, she felt her phone vibrate. Elizabeth quickly took her

phone and stared at the screen.

Upon reading the man’s text, she almost jumped out of bed with anger.

What nonsense is this? Matthew, you’re a scumbag! How dare you still say you love me when you’re engaged?

Outraged, Elizabeth turned off the phone and decided she would leave the matter aside for now.

The next day, upon entering the company, Elizabeth overheard the gossip from her colleagues.

“Did you know? Mr. Hilton is going to be engaged next Saturday.”

“Who’s his fiancée?”


Upon hearing the question, everyone cast a side glance at Elizabeth, who was standing at the corner.

Elizabeth pretended as if she did not hear them. Raising her head, she fixed her gaze on the elevator, not meeting anyone’s

People lowered their voice. “It’s Tiana Wade of Wade Corporation.”

“I see, so it’s not Elizabeth.”

“I feel sorry for Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth was getting torched under their intense stares and was forced to listen to their gossip about her.

At last, the elevator reached the top floor. She felt as if she had sublimed to a woman of steel after being showered with all

sorts of comments when they passed all sixty-six floors.

Upon entering the main office, all the secretaries turned their attention to her. Not meeting their gazes, she scurried


She walked straight into the CEO’s office, finally letting out a sigh of relief when the door closed behind her.

I know that Matthew and Tiana are engaged, but why are you all showing pity on me? It’s not like I like Matthew.


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