Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 165

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 165

Chapter 165 Jealousy

Her mind was finally at ease after lashing out. Turning around, she went back to her seat and began working, although she actually had nothing much to do every day.


Apart from serving him coffee, having meals with him together, and recording his scheduled itinerary, there was nothing

She had brought the books over to the office today. She was determined to excel in design.

A skill of proficiency was what it would take to give her an upper hand over Matthew. She could not wait for the time when she had the power to fire Matthew.

On the other side, Matthew noticed she seemed to look less upset after she snapped. Her face was not as puffy as earlier.

He let out a low laugh. She knows what had happened that night.

“Elizabeth, do you want to check it yourself if they are fake?”

Elizabeth had not even started reading when she heard Matthew. She immediately rolled her eyes at his disgusting words.

“Mr. Hilton, I don’t care whether it’s fake or real. You should talk about this with your fiancée instead. It’s inappropriate

to even start this topic with your female secretary. It’s considered sexual harassment.”

With that, she buried her head in the book again.

During a normal day, Matthew would definitely bring up Cody. He knew how much the girl valued this job, anyway.

Whenever he mentioned Cody’s name, she would instantly melt into a cutie bun and come to coax him.

However, he was not planning to tease her today.

He felt that she was just being jealous. The engagement invitation had been sent out. Everyone in the company knew abou

it, and she should be no exception.

It was his turn to coax her today.

For the next half an hour, the duo did not speak to each other and were busy with their work, respectively.

After that, Esme came in to talk with Matthew about work-related matters. Then, the managers came in and out of the

office to report to Matthew.

Elizabeth went to photocopy a few documents, and Matthew wa


already out for a meeting when she returned to the

She breathed a sigh of relief at the vacant office.

When Matthew was around, the thought of him bullying her kept lingering in her mind, and she always had the urge to


beat him up.

The urge was weaker when he was not around.

Elizabeth went on her WhatsApp and sent Jessica a message: Jess, I had a quarrel with Matthew today and finally got to

vent some of my frustrations out. How is your injury, by the way? Don’t forget to apply medicine.

Jessica replied: What was his reaction? Was he surprised that you know about it? Haha! But Lizzy, men are like this.

Don’t take it to your heart. You actually won’t lose much to get a handsome man like Matthew,

A tinge of anger burned in her eyes as Elizabeth read the message. Even her typing speed was two-fold now.

Elizabeth: Won’t lose much. I’ve lost a lot. He’s going to be engaged to Tiana next Saturday. I can’t believe I did something

like that with Tiana’s man! I feel disgusted whenever I think about it.

After the message was sent, she chucked the phone aside. The more she brooded over the incident, the angrier she


She decided she would have to do some cursing again later to soothe her anger. Scumbag B’stard!

Jessica typed: Lizzy, why do I feel like you’re being jealous? Haha! You have to hurry up if you have really fallen for

Matthew. It’ll be too late when he really becomes someone else’s husband. In fact, I’m sure he will cancel the engagement if

you tell him to do so, let alone get married.

Elizabeth pondered for a moment after reading Jessica’s message. Then she shook her head. It’s not like I love him. Why

should I say it?

It was twelve in the afternoon when Matthew was back in the office.

Elizabeth was about to go to the cafeteria for lunch when she saw Matthew coming in, so she asked, “Mr. Hilton, are you

going to the cafeteria today, or would you like me to order your lunch?

She usually accompanied Matthew for meals. The restaurants he usually went to were all relatively famous, and the dishes

served were delicate and delicious.

Hence, during her time working in Hilton Group, she was fed well.

“I’m going to an auction later, Ms. Wade. You will along.”

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