Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 166

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 166

Chapter 166 Tease Her


“Okay,” Elizabeth replied.

After packing, she carried her bag and followed behind him. The duo left the office and entered the private elevator.

When the elevator’s doors closed, Elizabeth asked, “Mr. Hilton, are we going to have lunch first? Where are we eating?”

Matthew shot her a sideway glance. “Put up with your hunger.”

Elizabeth was stunned for a moment and wanted to say that she could not endure hunger, but she did not want to lose her

Although Elizabeth was irritated by his action, she dared not to overstep her boundary. If this was what Matthew

demanded, then that was what she had to obey. I guess I’m going to use this opportunity to lose weight.

Elizabeth took out her mobile phone and posted a picture of a pig on her Instagram with the caption: On my diet now. If I

eat lunch today, I’m a pig.

She put on a small smile after making the post. Who would have thought having a domineering boss like Mr. Hilton is

beneficial to my dieting journey?

Matthew’s mobile phone vibrated the moment Elizabeth finished pasting. He had set a special notification to notify him

whenever there was any update on Elizabeth’s social media.

His lips curled up into a smirk when he saw Elizabeth’s post.

When the elevator reached the first floor, Matthew stepped out with a big stride. The dark blue coat draped on him


Elizabeth walked behind him and could not help but marvel at his body proportions.

He was like a model in a fashion show.

Elizabeth thought there would be a car waiting for them outside the company. However, to her surprise, not only there

was no car around, but Esme was also not in their sight.

Aren’t we going to an auction? He’s even skipping lunch for it. There must be an important item he wants.

However, the man walking ahead turned to a restaurant instead.

Elizabeth trotted behind him. When she entered the restaurant, he had already started ordering food.

Taking a seat, she asked, “Mr. Hilton, I thought you said we’re not having lunch?”

After Matthew finished ordering, he pushed a cup of coffee toward Elizabeth.

“I quddenly feel hungry.”


He knew Elizabeth liked the meatballs in this restaurant a lot. Last time, she even managed to gobble down a plateful of

Elizabeth took a sip of the tea. “Oh, have a nice meal, then. I’m on a diet at the moment., so I won’t be eating.”

The tangy aroma permeated the restaurant. Feeling a little hungry, Elizabeth gulped and muttered to herself, “Elizabeth,

you’re on a diet now! You need to control yourself. Otherwise, you’ll be a pig.”

Matthew slightly raised the corner of his lips at her actions.

Fishing out her phone, Elizabeth went on her Instagram, noticing that many people liked and commented on her

Jessica commented: It’s not like you’re fat. Eat more. Don’t go on a diet.

Nicolas: Lizzy, are you sure you have the perseverance to do so? I don’t believe you.

Lillian; Same here. I’m also on a diet at the moment. Let’s give our best!

Leonard teased: Aren’t you happy being a human? Why do you want to be a pig?

Losing the courage to browse the rest of the comments, Elizabeth threw her phone into the bag.


Right then, all the dishes were served to the table. Matthew purposely positioned the meatballs in front of Elizabeth. The

savory smell of the meatballs immediately filled her nostrils.

Elizabeth gulped instinctively looking at the dishes in front of her. Meanwhile, the man sitting across from her had started

indulging in the food.

Although on the surface he looked no different from bis usual self, he seemed more graceful and sophisticated as he ate

Somehow, Elizabeth managed to spot a trace of satisfaction on his face. The food must be delicious.

Seeing that she kept drinking water, Matthew placed a few meatballs onto his plate.

Taking a bite, he remarked, “This tastes so good. It’s a pity that you’re on a diet.”

Envious, the woman watched as Matthew savored every mouthful of the food.

She remembered back when she was still a student, she used to come here quite often just to have the meatballs.

As the dish was popular, there was always a long queue in front of the restaurant. If she came late, all the meatballs would

be sold out.

Not able to resist anymore, she took the

and reached for her favorite dish.

“Ms. Wade, I thought you’re on a diet? Do you want to be a pig?


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