Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 168

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 168

Chapter 168 Nice To Be Young

Upon hearing that, Elizabeth was delighted, but it was just an empty word, as she had received nothing yet.

“Why should I be happy? You don’t even know if there’s anything I like.”

Matthew was stunned by her words as amusement flashed across his eyes. “All the items at the auction are extravagant,

Ms. Wade. Can money not buy you happiness?”

Elizabeth thought money could make her happy, but it depended. With a light cough, she replied, “I may be poor, but

money will not necessarily make me happy.”

My children’s happiness is also my happiness. It’s as simple as that.

Everything she did was for her three children.

Frowning slightly, the man tapped his finger on the armrest. I see she has learned how to rebuke.

“If so, forget what I said earlier.”

At that, Elizabeth froze and turned her head. “Actually, money still makes me happy, Mr. Hilton. Someone like you will

always keep their promises, right?”

Matthew realized she was trying to set him up, but he refused to fall into her trap.

“Yes, I always keep my word. That includes what I said just now.


Elizabeth rolled her eyes. I knew he was only teasing me. He never planned to give me anything

Turning her head, she stared outside the window rather than looking at Matthew.

The items at the auction were special, but she was not greedy to that extent and did not mind not getting a gift.

Matthew grinned as he saw her dejected look, feeling more entertained.

Soon, they arrived in a small city on the outskirts. They were in a medieval town with a large antique shop.

The antique shop was a classic building where the auction was held.

Numerous luxury vehicles were parked outside the entrance. Elizabeth followed Matthew out of the car. The temperature

was lower on the outskirts, and it was more humid.

As soon as she got out of the car, Elizabeth felt a chill.

She shrank into herself from the cold. Noticing that, Matthew took off his navy blue coat to drape it over her.

Feeling the warmth, Elizabeth turned to stare at him.


Yet, Matthew walked off, and Elizabeth clutched the coat. There was Matthew’s faint scent and his lingering warmth on

the coat.

She felt much cozier.

Smiling, Esme stood beside her. “Remember to wear more layers next time, Ms. Wade.”

Elizabeth realized she only wore a purple sweater and a light blue skirt.

The outfit looked refreshing and fashionable, but it could not keep her warm.

In truth, everyone who worked with Matthew wore formal office attire, but he did not request Elizabeth to do so.

At first, she also wore formalwear but eventually turned to something more comfortable.

Elizabeth owned little clothes If she were to change into a different formalwear every day, she could go bankrupt. That was why she occasionally wore something she liked.

Elizabeth looked at the attractive man in a black suit standing near her. Matthew was the most eye-catching one in the


After he gave Elizabeth the coat, he became the one who dressed the thinnest.

Elizabeth trotted after him. “I’m not cold, Mr. Hilton. Let me return your coat.”

She was about to take the coat off when Matthew interrupted, “Keep it on. I’m feeling warm.”

Elizabeth was speechless at that moment.

He said he’s warm on such a chilly day. Mr. Hilton has a strong body, as expected. I can’t compete with him since I’ve

given birth before. It must be nice to be young.



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