Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 169

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 169

Chapter 169 The Auction 1

The inspection was stern when they entered through the door. The guests needed to show their invitation, and they had to pass through an x-ray machine.

Elizabeth had attended auctions before, but she had never been to one as strict as this.

After a female security guard inspected her body, Gwendalyn had to go through the x-ray machine to pass the inspection.

The three went to the entrance after the inspection was done.

There was a long hallway in the building with exquisitely sculpted pillars.

Elizabeth looked around carefully. This place must be pretty ancient

Upon entry, she immediately spotted many recognizable faces. Elizabeth soon understood the guests who were invited here were well-known people of Mistwood.

Nicolas and Leonard were also there, and they walked toward the three.

“I didn’t expect you to participate this year, Matt.”

Matthew had never taken part in the past few

He asked, “Can’t we enter yet?”


Matthew noticed Elizabeth’s nose had turned red from the cold, Her skin was fair, and she could not take the chilly


When it was cold, her nose and ears would turn red.

Nicolas rolled


up his sleeves to check the time. “The event starts at half-past three. We should be able to enter in a few

Leonard scanned the people in the building. “Is there anything good this year?”

There’s quite a crowd here. Is there a rumor about the items at this auction? Is that why the event attracted so many


Nicolas whispered, “I came here for Portrait of a Beauty. I love beautiful women.”

Hearing that, Leonard smiled. “Do you think you’ll meet her in your dreams if you buy the portrait?”

This brat. Why does he need a portrait of an ancient woman when he’s surrounded by women left and right?

Raising an eyebrow, Nicolas stated, “You don’t understand. Talk to me when you learn about art one day.”

Matthew was silent. He knew what would be auctioned that day as the organizer had sent him a list. He had never


attended this event, so the organizer hoped he could show up.

He had his eyes on a necklace from an ancient period. The necklace was made from a meteor and was named Starry


According to legend, the necklace would bring luck to people. It could also make two people who were in love with each

other reunite in every lifetime to fall in love and protect each other.

This was also the first time Leonard came to such an event. Usually, he would not take leaves at this time of the year, and

he had no time to attend.

Turning to Matthew, he asked, “What about you, Matt? Do you have any insider info?”

The auction in Merry Town was a very mysterious event. The usual auction would always give out a list of items, and

people would attend if there were something they liked.

However, only invited guests could participate in the auction in Merry Town.

Not to mention, the auctioned items were kept confidential. One could only find out what was auctioned on the day of the


Many people hoped to take part, but they were not qualified.

Soon, some staff came out to inform the people they were allowed to enter the hall.

Taking a step forward, Nicolas suggested, “Let’s sit together.”

The three wealthy young men had their private rooms on the second floor. It was comfortable, and the view was clear.

Elizabeth was walking at the back when someone suddenly patted her shoulder.


She turned around and was shocked to see Dominic.

“Oh, you’re here too, Dominic!” Elizabeth felt like laughing at herself upon realizing what she had said.

The Campbell family was also a prestigious family in Mistwood. It was only natural for them to invite Dominic.

“Did you come here with Matthew?”

Dominie had noticed the man close to them. Coincidentally, Matthew turned around to look for Elizabeth, and his eyes

met Dominic’s.

Elizabeth smiled. “Yes. I’m working as his secretary right now. I go wherever he goes.”



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