Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 17

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Special Feelings 

Without Matthew knowing it, it was getting more and more difficult for Elizabeth to breathe.

As for her face, it was even hotter than before. It was so uncomfortable for her that she couldn’t

help but grunt softly.

She then used her hand to give Matthew a nudge. With that, he suddenly came back to his senses. He instantly got up and tucked her in.

At that moment, he was panting heavily. He then shut his eyes to try to calm himself down.

When he opened his eyes again, all of his emotions had receded. However, his perspective of the woman before his eyes had changed.

Now that Matthew had fed her fever medicine, he rubbed her forehead, palms, and feet with alcohol wipes.

He held her feet in his palm and rubbed the bottom of her feet with alcohol. What a pair of

fair feet she has! Even her toes are pretty.

After he rubbed her feet twice, the medicine was starting to take effect.

In fact, her body temperature was a lot lower than before. He took the thermometer and

called out to her, “I’m going to take your temperature, Elizabeth.”

He was just going to go ahead with whatever he wanted to do with her because Elizabeth

was still in a daze. After placing the thermometer under her armpit, he couldn’t help but get

attracted by her extremely fair skin. Her pearly white skin seemed smooth and soft.

Matthew felt as if he was losing his mind at that instant. He couldn’t believe that he was

taking care of a woman he barely knew. I must’ve lost control of myself just now because she

resembles the woman in my dream. Yes, that must be why.

After waiting for five minutes, he took a reading from the thermometer. Evidently, her fever

was starting to subside because she had a temperature of around ninety-eight degrees


Chapter 17 Special Feelings

The medicine is good! Matthew could finally breathe a sigh of relief. He then sat by the bed

and watched her sleep soundly.

Suddenly, he remembered what she said the night before. She was pregnant at the age of

eighteen. She didn’t even attend university, and she needs to raise her kids. Where is the kids’

father, then? Why did he leave her to shoulder the burden all by herself?

Right then, his phone rang. Esme was giving him a call.

Matthew answered the call and asked, “What is it?”

“Mr. Hilton, it’s lunchtime. I’ve got you some food. Do you want me to send it over to you


Matthew didn’t even realize that it was noon already. It’s so difficult taking care of a sick


“Yes. Buy some oatmeal porridge as well.”

With that, he hung up the phone and tucked her in once again.

While she was in bed, Matthew wandered around the house. Well, everything here seems to

either belong to the kids or her. I don’t see anything belonging to a man. Although the place is

small, she managed to make it cozy. The toys on the rug must be Abby’s.

Suddenly, someone rang the doorbell, and he went downstairs to open the door.

At first, he thought that Esme was sending him lunch. To his surprise, it was a middle-aged

woman with curly hair. She was a very chubby woman with small eyes..

“Who are you? Where is Lizzy?” The woman wanted to walk into the courtyard, but Matthew. held the door and prevented her from entering.

The woman smiled and asked, “Are you Lizzy’s husband?”

She couldn’t help but size him up. He’s incredibly handsome! But then again, that’s not a

surprise considering how pretty Lizzy is. His body and looks, though. He’s even better looking

than the celebrities on television!

Chapter 17 Special Feelings

While having the woman’s eyes lingering all over him, Matthew put on a stern face and

uttered, “It is inconvenient for Elizabeth to entertain guests at the moment.”

With that, he wanted to close the door shut. The woman stopped him and said, “Wait,

handsome! I’m here to collect rent from Lizzy. I’ve only rented her this place because I pity her

for having to raise the kids on her own. However, she’s late with her rent by half a month. If she

can’t pay up, I’d have to rent the place to someone else.”



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