Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 170

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 170

Chapter 170 The Auction 2

At this time, Shelby approached them and spoke in an icy tone. “The auction is about to start, Dom. We’ll sit over there.”

Shelby wore a pale green gown paired with a white velvet cont. She had on delicate makeup, and she was holding a vintage


Elizabeth nodded at Shelby. “Mrs. Campbell,” she greeted.

Shelby tipped her head back in response before pulling Dominic away.

Dominic was unhappy at that “Mom, I was talking to Lizzy. You can go ahead first.”

I haven’t seen her in a while. I wonder what she’s up to. She was never around every time I went to meet her. It’s as if she’s

avoiding me. Now that she’s right in front of me, I have to talk to her.

Shelby replied coldly, “Don’t forget why we’re here today, Dom.”

Right then, Matthew walked over to Elizabeth and called her, “Don’t lose your way, Ms. Wade.”

With that said, he grabbed her hand and dragged her to the second floor.

Dominic watched as Elizabeth was taken away by Matthew. As a man, Dominic understood other men well, and he knew

Matthew had feelings for Elizabeth.

Isn’t he getting engaged next Saturday?

Tugging at Dominic, Shelby chirped, “See, Dom? She climbed up the social ladder.”

On the other side, Elizabeth followed Matthew to a private room on the second floor. Nicolas and Leonard sat together, leaving two other seats beside them.

Pointing to a seat, Matthew uttered, “You sit here. When you see something you like, tell me.”

Elizabeth initially walked behind Esme. After she heard Matthew, she pondered for a moment before taking a seat.

The view of the stage was pretty clear from their room. Although there was a giant screen behind, things looked more real

when seen with the naked eye.

The auction started at half-past three on time. The first item to be auctioned was Portrait of a Beauty, which Nicolas


Many people bid for it, but Nicolas obtained it in the end. Elizabeth frowned slightly.

It must be nice to be rich. Nicolas spent five hundred thousand on a mere painting, yet he seems happy as if that amount is nothing to him.

She could not understand or admire this.


Then she thought back to the previous five years. She had worked hard every day, but she could barely provide for her


Aren’t I working right now? I’m accompanying my boss to buy things here.

The following items that were auctioned were ceramic pieces. All three of them were uninterested, so no one bid for


An agate bracelet was next. It was also an antique from the sixth century, and its starting price was one hundred


Elizabeth merely glanced at it. At first, she wanted to let Matthew buy her something she liked, but she decided against it

as each item was priced at six figures.

She could not afford to owe this favor. It was better to let this off.

Meanwhile, Matthew was sipping on some coffee. He did not spare a look at the stage at all. Nothing caught his attention,

as expected.

Feeling a little thirsty, Elizabeth picked up her cup to drink some coffee.

The coffee tasted fresh and aromatic, so she took another sip. The fragrance lingered within her mouth.

Right then, Leonard suddenly raised his plate, and the host on the stage announced, “Number fifteen is bidding six

-hundred-thousand. Are there any other bids?”

At that, Matthew and Nicolas looked at him simultaneously. “That’s for women, Luke. Are you getting it for a woman?” the latter inquired.

Pausing for a while, Leonard simply smiled and replied, “It’s a secret.”

The host waited for a moment. No one else was bidding, so he concluded, “Congratulations to number fifteen for winning

the bid.”


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