Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 171

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 171

Chapter 171 The Auction 3

Matthew gave Elizabeth a sidelong look and asked, “You don’t like any of them?”

As he spoke, his eyes glinted, making Elizabeth’s eyelids flicker.

Elizabeth replied, “Mr. Hilton, are you kidding? I can never afford any of these antiques.”

In truth, she could not care less about those extravagances when she needed to work hard to feed her triplets and herself

Upon hearing Elizabeth’s remark, Matthew cast a meaningful gaze at her.

She’s indeed not a greedy woman. Although she can be fanatical about money sometimes, she earns money through hard work. With a paycheck of thirty thousand every month, she’s very dedicated to her job. She will never be late to work nor leave the office before off-hours, and she organizes my work diligently without making any blunders On top of that, she constantly puts up with my criticism, fulfills my demands, and appeases me.

With that in mind, his affection toward Elizabeth grew intense. Subsequently, he looked at the stage, preparing to bid for

the next lot.

Soon, a necklace was exhibited on the auction block before the auctioneer introduced, “This is the last lot for today, Starry Tears. The pendant dates back to medieval times, and it’s made from meteorite.”

The moment Elizabeth saw Starry Tears, her eyes gleamed with admiration, as it was the first time she saw a pendant. coated with black yet lustrous tiny diamonds.

At that moment, the dazzling pendant seemed to have some kind of spell that made Elizabeth unable to take her eyes off the necklace.

However, when she heard the opening bid was forty million, she instantly stuck out her tongue.

No way. That’s the price for a mansion. I’ll never buy such a luxury even if I was rich.

Feeling shocked, Elizabeth hurriedly took a sip of coffee to contain herself.

Well, the world of the rich is beyond my imagination. Their wealth is really blowing my mind.

Meanwhile, the bidding went on as the buyers kept offering their prices. Soon enough, the bidding price went from forty

million to eighty million.

Upon hearing that, Elizabeth patted her chest. I wonder who dares to take this sumptuous stone out on the street?

Suddenly, Matthew lifted his bidding paddle and said, “One hundred million.”

Consequently, there was an uproar, and Elizabeth could hear the murmurs of amazement among the crowd.

One hundred million? Isn’t it too much?”

“Ah! Somebody just added another twenty million to the bid.”

At the same time, the auctioneer remarked, “Number eleven. One hundred and twenty million bid. Anyone else?”

Upon hearing that, Matthew slightly furrowed his eyebrows because he thought he would be the winning bidder with his bid. Who is this number eleven trying to outbid me?

Without hesitation, Matthew held up the bidding paddle again. “One hundred and fifty million.

The auctioneer was a little excited. “Number eighteen. One hundred and fifty million.”

At that point, the crowd clamored in astonishment, “One hundred and fifty million!”

Meanwhile, Matthew remained unperturbed as Elizabeth stole a glance at the handsome man from the side.

As expected of a rich man from the largest family in Mistwood. A necklace with one hundred and fifty million is not a problem for him. By the way, is he buying it for his future wife?

At that moment, Elizabeth’s face darkened when she thought of Tiana.

What a lucky girl. She has a lavish gift waiting for her even before she gets married.

Unknowingly, bitterness developed deep inside Elizabeth.

At last, the auctioneer closed the bidding when no one offered a higher bid.

Chuckling, Nicolas glanced at Elizabeth before saying to Matthew, “Matt, that’s a huge deal! Are you sure she’s worth it?”

She doesn’t seem happy at all. In fact, she looks a bit sulky. Is one hundred and fifty million not good enough for her? Poor




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