Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 172

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 172

Chapter 172 She Is Worth It

Matthew cast his eyes upon Elizabeth and replied, “Of course. She’s worth it.”

However, Elizabeth was in the dark about Matthew’s in

intention and could not help but give stink eyes, as she presumed the necklace was for Tiana. What has she done to deserve a handsome boyfriend who just bought her an unreasonably expensive necklace? It’s not fair. A wicked woman like her should end up as a spinster.

Little did she know that three men were staring at her bitter face at that moment

Leonard found it amusing, and Nicolas was rendered speechless. They were well aware that Elizabeth was not an ordinary woman they could mess with, but they did not understand why Matthew would fall head over heels for her.

Soon, the crowd left when the auction was over, and the assistants of the three men went to pay and collect the items their bosses had bid.

Standing up, Elizabeth looked at the three men. “Mr. Hilton, shall we go back now?”

As a matter of fact, the three-hour-long auction was lengthy and tedious for Elizabeth when she had to listen to the background and characteristics of every single lot.

Perhaps this is how rich people spend their time. They like to dabble in antiques with stories. Anyway, it’s time for me to go back to see my kids. After such a long day, I miss them so badly.

Matthew glanced at his watch and stated, “Let’s go for dinner before going home.”

Feeling helpless, Elizabeth could only follow hus words despite her urge to go home. After all, Matthew was her boss.

When everyone went down to the ground floor, they bumped into a woman who was the proprietor of the antique shop. The latter walked over after catching sight of Matthew

“Mr. Hilton, thanks for coming,” greeted the woman as she shook hands with Matthew.

The woman was Lucia Larson. She dressed in quaint clothing, looking stunning with her gorgeous features.

“Ms. Larson, your antiques are exqui Matthew greeted politely.

In truth, he knew Lucia always had a crush on him, but he had no feelings for her and would avoid her as much as he could. He would not even attend the auction if it was not for Elizabeth

“Mr. Hilton, I heard you’ll be engaged. That is such a shame for me. Do tell me when you’re divorced, though. I’ll always be here for you,” said Lucia as her eyes tinged with sorrow,

Upon hearing Lucia’s words, Elizabeth was astounded.

Matthew is so popular, as he seems to have admirers everywhere. However, I know one thing for sure-this lady is far better than Tiana. Not only is she beautiful, but she also owns a well-known antique shop. Judging from the pomp of the auction just now, I believe she is quite a powerful woman. Matthew should have chosen her in the first place.

In the meantime, Nicolas reached out to shake hands with Lucia with a playful smirk and flirtatious winks. “Ms. Larson, take a good look at me. I could be your Mr. Right.”

With a faint smile, Lucia responded, “Mr. Ferguson, I’m a person who is only faithful to the man I love.

As Lucia spoke, her gaze fell on Matthew.

On the contrary, Matthew fixed his eyes on Elizabeth.

Me too. I’m only faithful to the woman I love. I bought this necklace just to tell her I want to spend my lifetime loving and protecting her.

Later, Leonard chipped in, and everyone bid Lucia farewell after a brief conversation.

There were not many cars left in the parking lot when they stepped out of the antique shop, including Dominic’s car.

It turned out that Dominic had not left; he was sitting in his car with his disgruntled mother.



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