Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 173

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 173

Chapter 173 At Your Service

“Why aren’t you leaving yet? It’s so freaking cold out here! I just want to go home. It’s a shame I couldn’t get the necklace I wanted. Who would pay a whopping one hundred and fifty million for that necklace? They’re practically nuts!” complained Shelby.

As soon as he saw Elizabeth, Dominic got out of the car immediately.


As he called out to her, Elizabeth was just about to get inside the car. Upon hearing his voice, she decided to approach him for a chat.

Elizabeth was still wearing Matthew’s coat on her shoulders. Her face was flushed red, and she was slightly shivering from the cold weather.

The weather was dreadful at that place. The temperature plummeted drastically as soon as the sun set, making her feel extremely cold and unpleasant.

“Why are you still here, Dominic?”

Seeing how cold she was, Dominic took off his jacket and wanted to drape it over her body.

However, Elizabeth politely refused, “It’s okay I’ll be fine once I get inside the car. Is there anything you wanted to talk to me about? If there’s nothing important, I’ll be leaving now.”

Meanwhile, Matthew realized Elizabeth did not get into the car with him. “Where’s Ms Wade?” he asked

Esme, who was waiting by the car to open the door for Elizabeth, merely replied, “She’s talking to Mr. Campbell.”


Matthew turned to cast a glance outside the window, only to find Elizabeth standing across from Dominic

What are they talking about? Dominic is smiling, and he’s even reaching out to touch her head!

He was exceptionally displeased at the sight of both Dominic and Elizabeth chatting happily together. Thus, he said in a cold voice, “Go and inform Ms. Wade that if she’s not leaving with us, we’ll be on our way now.”

Esme knew from the tone of Matthew’s voice that his boss was very much upset with Elizabeth. It was obvious that Matthew was jealous.

As he walked toward Elizabeth and Dominic, thoughts whirled in Esme’s mind. Ms. Wade, please don’t make Mr. Hilton mad anymore. He’s already spent one hundred and fifty million just for you! Just try to be nice for the sake of the huge sum of


Esme could not help but sigh to himself.

To think I have to worry about my boss’ relationship! I’m getting really worried these days. One of them isn’t being

straightforward, while the other remains oblivious. I’m just not sure when they’ll reveal the truth.


“Ms. Wade, Mr. Hilton is asking if you’re leaving with us? If you’re planning to stay longer, then he’s going to leave now.”

Esme conveyed Matthew’s words in a different way. Meanwhile, Elizabeth’s nose was bright red due to the extreme cold



Pulling the coat to keep herself warm, she replied, “Yes, I am! I’ll take my leave now, Dominic. Let’s meet up another

With that, she hurried over toward Matthew’s car and got in quickly. Once she was inside, her teeth were chattering badly.

“Oh, my gosh! It’s so cold out there!” she exclaimed.

Matthew had already instructed the chauffeur to turn on the heater as soon as he saw her running toward the car.

Therefore, Elizabeth felt warm and comfortable upon entering the vehicle.

“Why was Dominic looking for you?”

Rubbing her hands and placing them on her cheeks to warm herself up, she replied to Matthew without hesitation. “He’s been helping me to locate my mother. In fact, Dominic told me there’s been some new information about her whereabouts, so we’ll be meeting in a few days to talk about it.”

Elizabeth had been searching for her mother’s whereabouts for the past few years, in hopes of reuniting with her.

At that, Matthew’s expression darkened. “You could’ve asked me to help you. I’m much more reliable than him.”

Elizabeth’s body gradually recovered from the stiffness of the cold air, and her hands and feet were no longer numb. Apart from that, she had stopped shivering.

She smiled. Thankfully, the car is warm and cozy.

“How could I possibly trouble you? Moreover, you…..

You’re getting engaged to Tiana. Since you’re going to be a family with her and Celine, how could I expect you to look for my mother instead? They are solely to blame for my mom’s disappearance!

“Me… what?”

He looked over with his deep, dark eyes, and there was a hint of doubt on his handsome face.

Elizabeth shook her head. “No, it’s nothing. I just didn’t want to trouble you.”

She then picked up her phone and tapped into WhatsApp to chat with Jessica.

However, there was a text message from Lillian instead. Lilian: Elizabeth, it’s Mr. Hilton and Tiana’s engagement party

next Saturday. I’m sure you’re attending the event, right? Let’s sit together and chat then, okay?


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