Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 174

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 174

Chapter 174 This Is For You

Upon reading the message from Lilian, Elizabeth froze for a moment before she replied: I’m not going

There’s no way I’d be attending Tiana’s engagement party! Even if I go, I would gift her a wreath.

Suddenly, a text message from Benjamin popped up on WhatsApp: Lizzy, I thought you were dating Matthew. Now that I know that it’s only a misunderstanding, can I ask you out on a movie date? I won’t accept a no from you. Will be picking you up after work tomorrow.

Elizabeth felt baffled as to how both Lilian and Benjamin had sent their messages at the same time

She smiled faintly. Since Benjamin was eager to ask her out, she would not mind accommodating his request. After all, it had been a long time since she had seen a movie in a theatre.

Elizabeth recalled that if it had not been for that sudden accident, she would have ended up with Benjamin.

Back then, Benjamin was her seatinate, and both of them got along really well in school.

All of a sudden, Matthew leaned over and asked, “What are you so engrossed in?”

Immediately, Elizabeth put her phone away and replied, “Nothing”

After that, she turned to look out of the window as the car cruised along the countryside road.

The scenery was quite gorgeous, but she knew how cold it was outside. A thin layer of fog appeared outside the car


Therefore, she reached out her finger to draw a cute turtle on the window, imagining that it was Matthew

He looks pretty cute like that. Too bad he’s a good-looking guy. A very handsome but immature scumbag

Just then, Matthew sneezed loudly, prompting Esme to turn around. Mr. Hilton, did you catch a cold just now?”

Elizabeth reacted quickly, taking the coat from her shoulders and placing it on his lap.

“You should wear it now, Mr. Hilton. I won’t be able to take responsibility if you fall sick”

Matthew cast a glare at Esme from the rearview mirror, causing the latter to tremble in fright. Esme blamed himself for his abrupt slip of the tongue.

Hence, he could only salvage the situation by himself. “Mr. Hilton is in good health, Ms. Wade. He’s usually not afraid of the cold. Why don’t you wear the coat instead? Mr. Hilton… h-he’s actually feeling hot now.”

Elizabeth widened her eyes in surprise. So, Matthew has an unusually good physique! Even his assistant knows that he’s feeling hot right now. Considering he still feels warm on such a cold day, he’s really strong as an ox!

Elizabeth chuckled. “Well, thank you, Mr. Hilton. I was feeling a little chilly because I wore too little today.”

Matthew smiled faintly as he watched Elizabeth quickly remove the coat from his lap and put it on herself


“Elizabeth, you’re not allowed to wear like this just for the sake of your appearance again. If you’re sick and can’t come to work, your wages and bonuses shall be deducted.”

When Elizabeth heard that money would be deducted, she became anxious.

“Noted, Mr. Hilton. I’ll wear more from now on, and I’ll make sure I won’t get sick.”

Suddenly, Matthew pulled her into his arms. “This feels warmer.

Despite the fact that Elizabeth could feel the warmth radiating from his body, his gaze was much hotter than his body temperature.

“M-Mr. Hilton… P-Please let me go! Stop messing around!”

She could only keep her gaze forward. After all, Elizabeth would need to defend her dignity and pride since she had to meet both the men, who were seated in front of her, on a daily basis.

However, the man beside her was reluctant to let her go as he buried his head in her shoulder.

“I’m tired. I’m going to rest for a while. You can be my pillow, and I’ll give you a bonus later.”

Instantly, Elizabeth’s eyes lit up. “How much would that be?”

The men inside the car all had the same thought. What a money-grubber!

Letting out a sigh, Matthew replied, “Hmm. I’ll give the necklace to you. I’m sure this reward is worth more than your time and effort, right?”


Elizabeth was caught off-guard for a few seconds before she finally let out a shriek.

“Do you mean Starry Tears? Mr. Hilton, are you saying that you’re gifting it to me?”

Startled by her loud reaction, Matthew felt his head throb with a headache. Unabashedly, he gave a tiny nip on Elizabeth’s




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