Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 175

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 175

Chapter 175 Poor Matthew

“Mmph…” A soft, needy sound rose out of her throat before she could stop it. Then a crimson blush came over Elizabeth’s

I can’t believe that sound came out of me! If they bring it up, I definitely won’t admit to it.

That sound was so flirtatious and seductive.

Ahh! This is so embarrassing! How am I going to face Esme and Larry?

In contrast to her embarrassment, Matthew was smiling with satisfaction. That was because the sound that she had made was proof of his skill.

“By the way, you can keep Starry Tears. It’s my gift to you. You’re not allowed to sell it, do you understand? I want you to wear it every day,” instructed Matthew.

That was his only request for Elizabeth. He knew she was a money-grubber and might sell off the necklace.

He liked the meaning behind the necklace-eternal love. That was also his intention for them both. If Elizabeth sold off the necklace, they would not be able to achieve that anymore.

Hearing his words, Elizabeth felt a little disappointed. It was a pity that she could not sell it off, as the necklace would only be for viewing and not wearing

She protested, “But I don’t dare to wear it. It’s so valuable. What if I attract the attention of jewel thieves if I wear it?”

Hearing that, Matthew chuckled. His hands franted her face, and lus fingers caressed her cheeks. “Elizabeth, do you know what my favorite thing about you is?”

In response, Elizabeth rolled her eyes at him. Who knows what you’re thinking? I’m a woman with both beauty and brains. There are tons of positive traits that I display.

Seeing that she did not answer, Matthew gave a low chuckle and continued, “I like how innocent and cute you are!”

On the other side, Esme could not help but disagree. That’s nonsense. You obviously like how naive she is, so you can tease and bully her.

Elizabeth was bewildered by his reply and said, “Mr. Hilton, this necklace cost one hundred and fifty million. Aren’t you afraid that it’ll get stolen if you bring it around with you?”

Having worked in the lower level of society before, she knew how sinister society was

Inching closer to her, Matthew whispered, “The necklace has a mechanism. Upon wearing it, nobody will be able to see the carbonado. Without the star, it will merely seem like a plain necklace.”

Matthew knew he had to go into detail and explain to Elizabeth the unique part of the necklace. Otherwise, she would not

know its perk and continue to worry.

Nodding, the woman exclaimed, “I see!”

At that moment, Matthew took out the necklace and put it on for her.

His eyes studied her with ardent appreciation, and he complimented, “It looks amazing on you!”

Elizabeth looked down at the necklace. The carbonado was glittering and sparkling so brightly that she had to squint while looking at it.

“Mr. Hilton, is this really for me?” she asked.

Isn’t it supposed to be for his fiancée? It’s a gorgeous necklace, but I can’t possibly accept such an expensive gift

Pulling her into his arms, Matthew gave her a peck on her cheek.

“Elizabeth, make sure to wear it every day,” he stressed.

Elizabeth looked down once more at the necklace. It was indeed stunning

“Okay,” she replied.

Matthew was indeed a man of his word. He not only bought a gift for her but such an expensive one loo

Although she could not exchange it for cash, it was still a beautiful piece of jewelry that was worth collecting

She recalled that there was a legend about it. According to the legend, the necklace had the power to ensure that its wearer would be together with her lover for eternity.

Where is my lover? When will you come to me? Could Benjamin be the one?

She snickered at the thought.

She wondered if it was fate. Benjamin had just asked her out for a movie, and now she got the necklace. Elizabeth felt it was an indication that her true love had arrived.

A faint smile curved her lips as she lightly touched the necklace around her throat and thought of Benjamin’s handsome features.

Matthew cast a sideways glance at Elizabeth and smiled when he saw how happy she looked. Happiness was written all over her face.

He loved to see her smile. Whenever she did, two dimples could be seen on her cheeks.

“Elizabeth, do you like this gift?” he asked.

Snapping out of her trance at the sound of his voice, Elizabeth raised her brows and smiled. “I do. After all, this is a gift

with a story behind it. I hope it can bring me luck!”


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