Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 176

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 176

Chapter 176 Good Taste

The car stopped at a farm. It was an agritourism resort, and there were lanterns hanging from the trees in the courtyard. It was beautifully decorated.

The chauffeur and Esme held the car doors open for them. Elizabeth exited the car to be greeted by a gust of

cold wind. Shivering, she shrank inside the big coat.

Thank goodness I still have Matthew’s coat. Otherwise, I would definitely freeze to death.

Seeing that Matthew was standing a short distance away, Elizabeth hurriedly caught up to him.

Pulling her into his anns, the man remarked, “You’ll be wanner like this.”

Though his voice sounded cold, Elizabeth could hear the concern in his voice.

Elizabeth instinctively wanted to dodge, but she felt wanner when he held her. Hence, she remained silent.

and let him hold her as they walked inside.

They were the only people in the cafeteria. Leonard and Nicolas were sitting around the fireplace while the

chauffeur and their subordinates sat at the tables surrounding them.

It was much wamer inside, and Elizabeth withdrew from Matthew’s arms.

“You’ll be sitting with us,” he quickly reminded when he saw her about to head to Esme’s table.

As his secretary, Elizabeth could only comply with his instruction. Hence, she trailed behind him and sat

down at Nicolas and the other’s table.

At this time, Nicolas had already gone over the menu and announced, “Tonight we will have grilled venison steak! The meat is incredibly fresh, for they hunted earlier today.”

Leonard poured some coffee and set it in front of Elizabeth.

“Ms. Wade, here, drink some coffee. It will warm you up,” he remarked.

Elizabeth’s cheeks were flushed from the cold. That was especially so for her nose, which had turned a

bright red. She looked delicate and fragile.

She had a fair complexion that would turn red at the slightest exposure to the cold.

Smiling gratefully at him, she replied, “Thank you!”

At the sight of Leonard, she immediately thought of Jessica. Holding the cup of steaming coffee, she took a

small sip.


Her body warmed up instantly.

Elizabeth informed, “Mr. Johnson, I have some good news for you. Pearl has already found a new bone

marrow donor. You don’t have to feel guilty over it anymore.”

Upon hearing that, Leonard spat out a mouthful of water, as his eyes widened in astonislunent.


I thought Jessica and I have already reached an agreement? She will accompany me for a month, and when

I’m satisfied, I’ll donate my bone marrow to Pearl.

He had spent them with Jessica the past few days and was feeling delighted about it.

He felt a little upset at the possibility that Jessica was going to renege on their deal.

Leonard’ face fell, and he seemed lost in his own thoughts.


At this moment, Matthew commented, “Good, then. Luke can’t donate his bone marrow, anyway. Now that

Pearl has managed to find another donor, there’s hope for her.”

Elizabeth nodded in agreement. “Exactly! Otherwise, things could go really wrong for her.”

On the flip side, Nicolas held onto Portrait of a Beauty and pointed at them. “Look at this beauty. Isn’t she


Elizabeth knitted her brows and threw a glance at it before muttering, “She’s a little plump.”

With that said, she let out a giggle. Judging from this portrait, it’s indeed true that in ancient times, woinen

were considered beautiful if they were chubbier.

Nicolas had a sharp hearing. Upon hearing her words and seeing the way she giggled, he asked

threateningly, “Lizzy, what did you just say?”

Every time he saw Elizabeth, he seemed to be unable to hold his own.

It was the same this time around, and he could not take it any longer.

Elizabeth hastily shook her head and responded, “I said this portrait looks great.”

Upon hearing her reply, Nicolas was overjoyed. He stood up abruptly and exclaimed, “That’s right! Lizzy has

better taste than both of you. The two of you criticized my goddess and said that she’s plump, but in ancient times,

that was the standard of beauty. Furthermore, there is a legend that says that she will enter one’s dream at night.

Tonight, I’ll see if I can have a glimpse of her!”

As he spoke, a smirk appeared on his face. He seemed to already be envisioning having an encounter with the


woman in the portrait.

Hmm. I wonder how I should greet her when I meet her.

Elizabeth suddenly gave a startled cry, “Mr. Ferguson, t-the painting…”

Still lost in his thoughts, Nicolas did not realize that his painting had already caught fire.


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