Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 177

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 177

Chapter 177 They Believe In The Legend

Upon hearing Elizabeth’s voice, he lowered his head and saw that half the painting was burned. He quickly

put out the fire.

Now, only the beautiful lady’s face was intact in the painting. Matthew was infuriated to see that.

“Oh, no! My beautiful lady, you haven’t come into my dreams yet!”

At the side, Leonard was laughing so hard that he found it hard to breathe. Then, Matthew warned coldly,

“Kev, stop listening to all these legends Also, don’t do such stupid things.”

Nicolas was an expert in the medical industry, but he was also a lunatic

Although Nicolas was enraged that the painting was damaged, he threw it to the side. “How boring I heard

about the legend, so I wanted to give it a try. I don’t even have the chance now.”

In the meantime, Elizabeth felt distressed seeing the painting that cost five hundred thousand being burned just like that. Mr. Ferguson, if you have too much money, just give them to me! I’ll spend them for you! What a

waste of five hundred thousand!

Then, Nicolas snorted upon noticing the necklace on Elizabeth’s neck.

“Matt, you berated me for believing in the legend, but you also believe it. You heard that the one who wore this necklace would get together with their love for eternity. That’s why you bought it. You’re the pot calling the

kettle black.”

Elizabeth sensed Nicolas was looking at her, so she quickly put the necklace underneath her clothes before smiling at him “Mr. Ferguson, this isn’t that necklace! It looks like that one, but this one doesn’t have the black



Matthew taught her to say that, so sh

knew the secret of the necklace now.

Once she had hidden the black diamond, no one would know its worth.

Nicolas raised an eyebrow when he heard that. Do you think I would believe that? You fell for Matt’s lies.

Lifting his wineglass, Nicolas stated, “Lizzy, the venison tastes better with wine.”

It was the first time Elizabeth ate grilled venison steak, so she clearly believed him. She remembered that when she watched Pride and Prejudice back then, the actors had drunk mulled wine when they ate barbecued

venison on a snowy day.

Although it was not snowing now, the weather was extremely cold.

Then Elizabeth clinked glasses with Nicolas. “Cheers.”

Matthew frowned when he saw that. The wine tasted good, but it had high alcoholic content.

While he was grilling some meat for her, he reminded, “Ms. Wade, don’t drink too much. The effect of this

alcohol is extremely strong.”

Elizabeth rolled her eyes at him. Clearly, she was a little drunk at that moment.

“Mr. Hilton, you’re so petty. This tastes like a normal beverage. I won’t get drunk. Are you unwilling to pay for


Matthew was rendered speechless.

In the meantime, Leonard was drinking all by himself. His mood turned bad when he thought about the

woman who would not come to beg him again

Nicolas let out a chuckle and teased, “Mr. Hilton, you’re so petty for gifting her a necklace that’s worth one

hundred and fifty million. Haha.

Matthew took a bite of a piece of meat. It tastes good.

He then said calmnly, “Kev, if she gets drunk today, I’ll withdraw my investment from the lab.”

Upon hearing that, Nicolas hurriedly stopped Elizabeth from drinking.

“Lizzy, let’s stop drinking. Shall we eat some meat?”

Right at that moment, Elizabeth noticed many people had appeared in front of her. There were three Patricks

and countless Kevins and Lucases.

Feeling dizzy, she replied, “The wine tastes good. I want more.

Frowning, Nicolas replied, “She’s drunk. Doesn’t this make it easier for you to ‘get’ her? I’m helping you.

While speaking, he had the urge to kneel before the other man. He even asked us to make her drunk the other

day. Why does he not want her drunk now?

Matthew glanced at Elizabeth before he answered, “I’m getting engaged next week. IfI ‘get’ her, do you think

she’s going to let me off so easily?”


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