Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 18

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Taken Advantage 

After saying that, the woman couldn’t help but ask, “Are you really her husband? If so, would

you just pay the rent for her? How could you do this to your wife and your kids?”

The woman actually felt bad for Elizabeth because she had seen the latter raising all the

children on her own. This man is good looking, but he’s good for nothing!

Matthew was getting sick of the way the woman was looking at him. Why is she looking at

me like I’m a bum?

He furrowed his brows slightly and asked, “How much is the rent?” He couldn’t wait to chase

her away.

Indeed, Matthew’s time was incredibly valuable. He had already lost up to ten million after

calling off three of his important business meetings in the morning.

At that thought, he frowned deeper.

On the other hand, the woman laughed and said, “That’s great! You’re acting more like a

man now.”

She whipped out her calculator and mumbled, “The rental fee for a month is two thousand

and five hundred. The rental fee for six months would then be fifteen thousand.”


“I’ll pay for the whole year,” Matthew said coldly. At first, he had even thought about purchasing the property straightaway. He gave up on the idea after giving it some thought.

The woman’s eyes lit up instantly. “Oh? That’s awesome! You’re saving me the trouble of

coming over so often.”

Matthew then let her into the house. In the living room, he got her to wait while he transferred to her the amount so that she could write him a receipt.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth had just woken up, and she was thirsty. Since she didn’t have any water left in her room, she had to go downstairs to get some.


She was stunned when she saw the two of them in the living room. “Hey, Sophie! Why are

Chapter 18 Taken Advantage

the two of you here?”

While she was talking, she shifted her gaze toward Matthew. With her eyes slightly widened,

she asked, “Why are you here?” What’s going on? Did my fever make me lose my memory of


Sophie gave the receipt to Matthew. She stood up with a smile and walked over to Elizabeth.

“You have such good taste in men, Lizzy! He’s very generous!” Sophie patted her slender

shoulder and said.

After that, she left. Elizabeth was momentarily stunned before she quickly came back to her

senses and answered, “You’ve misunderstood, Sophie! I don’t even know him well.”

Matthew raised the receipt in his hand into the air and said, “I’ve already paid your rent.

Please remember to pay me back.”

Elizabeth took the receipt and took a look at it. “Twenty-five thousand? You’ve paid for the

whole year?”

Matthew sat elegantly on the couch with his legs crossed and nodded. “Yes. Initially, I

thought I should just buy the property. On second thought, this building is too old, and it’s not

worth it.”

Matthew couldn’t help but notice her swollen lips.

Instead of feeling guilty, he had a calm and serious look on his face. “By the way, I had to

call off three business meetings just so that I could take care of you this morning. I’ve lost up to

ten million as a result. Hence, you’d need to compensate me. I’ve decided to give you a

ninety-nine percent discount, so that’d be a hundred thousand. In total, you owe me one hundred

and twenty-five thousand.”

When Elizabeth knew that he had paid the rental fee of twenty-five thousand, she was

already thinking about ways of paying him back. Not only did she need to pay in installments,

but she’d also need to sell off her jewelry to gather the money.

Upon hearing that she owed him more than one hundred thousand, she furrowed her brows


pter 18 Taken Advantage

while looking at that handsome man. “Mr. Hilton, I know your time is precious. However, I’ve

never asked you to come and take care of me.”

In fact, I don’t even know why he’s here! Now he’s even asking for money from me? Well,

now I know how Hilton Group makes its fortune. He must’ve extorted money from others!

With that thought in mind, Elizabeth pouted and rolled her eyes at him.

“Matthew, you’re a scammer,” she mumbled to herself.

Matthew narrowed his eyes and showed her the text message he had received earlier in the

day. “Your daughter asked me here. Since I’m a kind-hearted person, I had no choice but to take

you because you were sick. Don’t you think you should compensate me? Or do you want

your daughter to pay up? That’s fine by me. She can come over to my house to work.”

care of

Matthew then walked up to her and stood right in front of her. He was so close to her that

she could smell the scent of mint coming off of him.

“Although it’s normal to have the children paying off their parents’ debt, don’t you think

Abby is a bit too young for it?” he asked.



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