Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 180

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 180

Chapter 180 Cannot Bear To See Her Cry

Upon finishing speaking. Matthew lowered his head to capture her lips again. Just when he was about to

enter her, Elizabeth opened her eyes in agony.

She pushed him and remarked, “It hurts. Go away.”

Then, she started hitting and kicking Matthew, causing him to fall from the bed.

The man groaned after falling heavily onto the floor.

He lowered his head to look at his body part, which had already softened after being kicked by Elizabeth.

In a low voice, he cursed, “D”mn it.”

She was extremely strong when she was drunk Even worse, she had attacked his vital body part.

Matthew stood up and glanced at the woman on the bed Elizabeth had fallen asleep with the blanket tightly

wrapped around her.

At that moment, Matthew had the urge to do it right away.

However, he had calmed down after the kick.

Despite being how he was, he knew it was not an appropriate time to do it with her.

Ele let out a sigh before crawling into the blanket and pulled her into his arms.

Turning her body, she mumbled, “It hurts. It hurts so much…”

Just now, he only managed to enter her a little. She was so tight that he felt as if she was going to break him.

However, the feeling was so amazing that he had goosebumps all over his body. Just thinking about it

satisfied hum

He hugged her tighter and kissed her. “Elizabeth, you will be mine soon.” I shouldn’t be too impatient. She’ll

be mine, sooner or later.

The next day, when Elizabeth woke up and saw that she and Matthew were naked in bed, she screamed in


Her scream was so piercing to the ears that Matthew instantly got woken up from his sleep.

Then, he picked his ears and questioned coldly, “Elizabeth, why are you screaming?”

Elizabeth lay there helplessly.


“Matthew Hilton, we… how could we do this?”

Matthew finally knew what she was thinking. He had not done anything to her yet, but she almost broke his

vital body part.

When Elizabeth spotted his length, she cried out again, “Ah!”

With that, she grabbed the blanket and covered her face.

It was the first time she had seen a man’s private part. It looks so scary. Why does it look like a purple sweet

potato? Have I sinned for looking at it?

Matthew lowered his head to look at his private part as well. It still has a reaction in the morning. I think it’s

not broken Why is this woman screaming? Luckily, I have a strong condition Otherwise, I would’ve been sent to

the hospital by now

He pulled the blanket to look at her face. Despair filled her expression.

Her eyes were brimming with tears as if someone had just bullied her.

Matthew pursed his lips and replied, “Elizabeth, I will be responsible.” Dmn it. I didn’t do anything, but I’ll

be responsible Is that enough?

Elizabeth then lifted her gaze Eyes briniming with tears, she asked, “Did we really do it?”

Her lips trembled as tears started rolling down her cheeks

Initially, Matthew wanted to he to her. He wanted to tell her they had indeed done it, and that she had made

the first move.

However, now that she was crying, he felt extremely distressed and lost.

The usual calm man panicked for the first time. He stretched out his arm and wiped the tears on her face.

“Stop crying Nothing happened last night.”

He could only tell her the truth. If something really happened, she might cry her heart out.

Elizabeth opened her mouth and asked in disbelief, “Really? Then why are we naked?”

Matthew shook his head and replied, “You were drunk, and you saw me as someone else. You initiated

everything, but you kicked me down from the bed in the end. So, nothing happened.”


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