Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 181

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 181

Chapter 181 You Have To Be Responsible

With that said, Matthew shot Elizabeth a sidelong glare. “Won’t you know if you’ve done it or not? Don’t you feel anything down there?” This woman is so clueless.

Elizabeth wiped her tears as she shook her head. I’m so glad it didn’t happen.

“How do I know?”

She had never experienced it before. However, those nights that she had dreamed about it, she felt exhausted, and it felt uncomfortable there.

Now, she did not feel tired, but she had a headache.

She was certain it was only because she had drunk too much alcohol, as she did not feel anything different down there.

Seeing that she had stopped crying upon knowing that nothing had happened, Matthew felt like bullying her again.

He was feeling conflicted. Although he wanted to bully her, he was afraid to see her cry.

Elizabeth glanced around and asked, “Where… Where are my clothes?”

Matthew put his hands underneath the pillow and stared at her, smirking at how flustered she was.

“Look around the floor. You took off your clothes along the way last night. I don’t know where they are.”

Elizabeth’s face reddened instantly when she imagined the thrilling scene.

Then she tapped herself on the face to warn herself. Elizabeth! Don’t you dare drink alcohol again! Look at what you’ve done with this man after drinking so much. If this happens again, you’re no different from Celine. Tiana will come to you and call you a mistress!

With that thought in mind, she picked her shirt from the floor and quickly put it on.

Although she was extremely quick, Matthew still managed to steal a glance at her soft chest. In fact, he had enjoyed touching them the previous night.

His eyes began to redden. This woman’s figure is extremely good.

Elizabeth picked her underwear up and quickly put it on. Then, she turned her head to glance at Matthew, seemingly thinking. He can’t see me. Matthew can’t see me.

Matthew could not help but chuckle. His deep voice sounded sexy.

Elizabeth heard his laughter, but she ignored it and continued picking her clothes up.

When she went downstairs, she finally found all her clothes.

You Have To Be Responsible

She looked around and saw a bathroom in the living room. Entering the bathroom, she properly put on her clothes in


She realized that Matthew’s shirt, which she had put on earlier, was white. Did he wear a white shirt last night? He rarely

wears white. All his clothes are black.

Holding the shirt, she walked upstairs to give it to him but found herself pinned on the bed.

The man kissed her, and after some time, he finally released her when she was about to pass out.

He stared at her flushed cheeks. She’s so beautiful.

Elizabeth took some time to regain her composure after she gasped for air.

Then she jumped up and pointed at Matthew. “Matthew… H-How dare you!”

Matthew grabbed the shirt from her hand before putting it on and buttoning it up.

His dark eyes, smile, and divine features made him appear charming.


Elizabeth glanced at his Adam’s apple, his fingers which were buttoning the shirt, and his lower body before she quickly

covered her eyes. H-He’s too seductive!

Initially, she was mad at him, but she was completely mesmerized by him now. He looks so good! His body figure is amazing! And he’s so… big! Gosh! Why did I look at that? Shouldn’t I scold him for being a pervert instead?

As she covered her eyes, Matthew said calmly, “Elizabeth, you initiated everything last night. You were all over me like a koala bear, begging me not to leave. I fell for you, so you have to be responsible.”


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