Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 184

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 184

Chapter 184 Ruined Their Date

Elizabeth turned her head to look at him. “Am I that weak to you?”

Most girls were timid, but Elizabeth was different. She had liked horror stories since she was a child. She also enjoyed playing horror games. Now, she liked playing Escape Room the most.

Benjamin smiled and replied, “You’ve never been weak.”

She was put in a good mood after listening to the campus hunk’s compliment toward her.

In the past, she was a daring person. She had become timid after being tortured by society.

She sighed. Although my right to do what I pleased was taken away, I was blessed with three lovely kids.

She liked how things had turned out. I’m willing to become worldly wise for my adorable kids..

With that thought, she smiled, no longer upset about the past.

When they got to the cinema, Benjamin got the tickets before he bought two glasses of juice and a box of popcorn.

Elizabeth took the popcorn and smiled at him.

“Benjamin, honestly, how many girlfriends have you had?” He knows girls so well. He even bought me a strawberry juice.

Most girls liked these sweet fruit juices, including her.

Benjamin was stunned for a moment. “I’ve never had one. You can ask Lillian if you don’t believe me.”

Lillian was their class representative She was an honest person, and she would never lie. Hence, Elizabeth could ask her

about it.

Hearing this, Elizabeth smiled.

“I’m just asking. Don’t be so anxious.”

She picked a popcorn from the box and put it into her mouth as she walked into the theater with him.

Benjamin originally wanted to buy a couple seat, but he and Elizabeth had just started, so he did not want to scare her. Hence, he decided to take things slow.

Hence, he bought normal, individual seats next to each other.

After they sat down, they chatted for a while and talked about other students before the movie started.

Elizabeth took a sip of the juice and reached out to grab a few popcorns, but their hands touched.

Then, the eyes of the two met. Elizabeth hurriedly retracted her gaze before both of them smiled.

Leaning closer to her, Benjamin asked in a low voice, “Aren’t you afraid at all? I can lend you my arms.

After he said that, he spread his hands and pulled his coat open.

Right at that moment, a tall figure came in from the entrance and accurately found Elizabeth and Benjamin.

When he saw Benjamin pulling his coat and wrapping Elizabeth with it, Matthew’s expression changed.

Turning around, he stepped out of the theater in big steps. After a while, the movie suddenly stopped playing, and the lights were turned on at the same time.

The fire alarm sounded, and Elizabeth turned her head to look around. “Is there a fire?”

Seeing that everyone else was running out of the hall, Elizabeth stood up abruptly. “Benjamin, let’s run too!”

Benjamin remained seated as he glanced around, but he found no signs of smoke or fire.

He frowned. Something is fishy.

Later, he got up while thinking that it was an unlucky day. Just when she and I were so close to each other. I almost got to kiss her. Ha… Too bad.

Although he was reluctant, he knew it was an inappropriate time to initiate a kiss. She certainly won’t accept it.

Holding her hand, he suggested. “Let’s have a meal!”

Since they could not continue watching the movie, he decided to bring her to a romantic restaurant. He knew he could find a chance in the pleasant atmosphere later.


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