Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 185

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 185

Chapter 185 Matthew Was Calculative

A while later, Elizabeth got into Benjamin’s car with the windows down, so Matthew could see her clearly as the car passed

by his car.

The smile on her face was really sweet, and the way she looked at Benjamin was different.

Matthew took a heavy puff of the cigarette. His sharp eyes narrowed slightly.

“Follow them. Have you fetched the three children over?”

The driver replied, “Mr. Mack has gone to pick them up. They should be on their way here.”

Matthew smirked and replied, “Okay. Follow them.”

He could not believe Elizabeth actually came out on a date with another man. Earlier, when he returned to the company and found that she had left, he saw someone posted a photo of Elizabeth getting into a Maserati in the company group chat.

Therefore, Matthew came to see who the man in the Maserati was.

The scene in the cinema provoked him, so he immediately closed the entire cinema.

All cinemas in Mistwood belonged to Matthew, anyway. Therefore, no matter which cinema they went to watch a movie,

Matthew could find them and ruin their date.

After smoking one cigarette, Matthew put out the cigarette and wanted to light another one.

However, he restrained himself as he feared that the three children would not like the cigarette smell on him.

He then put the cigarette box back in his pocket and leaned back in the seat, staring at the car in front of him. Who’s this

guy? He looks so familiar. It seems that he was there at their class reunion last time. Is he Elizabeth’s classmate?

At that thought, the corners of his lips were lifted. He’s just a small fry.

Watching their car move into the underground garage of Horizon Tower, Matthew had already guessed that the guy had

reserved a table in the revolving restaurant. Huh. What a romantic. It seems that Elizabeth quite likes romance.

Glancing at the time, he dialed Esme’s number.

“Where are you?”

Esme came to a halt behind his car as he replied, “Mr. Hilton, we’re behind you.”

When Esme was talking on the phone, Matthew could hear Abby’s sweet voice in the background.

“Drive into the parking lot of Horizon Tower.”

“Yes, Mr. Hilton.”


The two vehicles then pulled into Horizon Tower’s underground parking lot and parked next to each other.

Matthew got out of the car, and the three kids exited the car next to him.

Spotting him, Abby ran toward him as she called, “Mr. Handsome!”

She hugged his slender legs and giggled in an adorable voice.

When Matthew picked her up, she gave the man a kiss on the cheek.

“Are you bringing us to a meal again today?”

She had seen this place on television before. It was a revolving restaurant. In the dramas she watched, the male and

female protagonists went to this place for dates.

How I wish Lizzy is here. Abby blinked her eyes several times and asked, “Where’s Lizzy?”

Matthew replied in a low voice, “She’s in the restaurant upstairs, but she may not be able to join us for dinner today.”

Because she’s on a date with a brat!

As they walked toward the elevator, Abby asked in confusion, “Why?”

On the other side, Arthur and Antony frowned upon hearing the man’s words. Why isn’t she eating with us? Something’s


The two exchanged looks with each other before they glanced at Matthew. Something’s wrong with him today.

They noticed a cold look in Matthew’s eyes. Did they have a quarrel?

The two then decided to observe first Certainly, they would always be on their mother’s side.

The elevator dinged as it reached the two hundred eighty-sixth floor, the top floor.


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