Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 186

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 186

Chapter 186 Ruined Reputation

It was Abby’s first time there, and she was overjoyed.

“Antony, Arthur, do you think we’re high in the sky? We’ve been in the elevator for so long, so we should be, right?”

She slid off Matthew’s body and ran into the restaurant, heading toward the window walls.

She just wanted to see how high the place was.

However, before she reached the windows, she caught sight of Elizabeth. Her footsteps halted, and she walked toward

Elizabeth step by step.

“Lizzy, why are you here? Who is this man?”

She tilted her little head and looked at Benjamin cross-eyed.

Amused by her antics, Benjamin found the little girl adorable.

“Abby, why are you here?” Elizabeth was surprised.

Abby pouted and pointed to the other side with her mouth before saying, “I’m not the only one here. Antony and Arthur

are also here.”


Although Benjamin saw Matthew, he did not feel threatened since the latter was going to get engaged to Tiana in three

These kids must be the children of his relatives. Is he here to make Elizabeth look after them? She’s off work now. I won’t

let him have his way.

Elizabeth looked at Matthew and the two boys. The three of them were all wearing black coats.

They looked quite alike, especially in the way they gazed at people.

There was always a hint of scrutiny in their dark gazes, making people feel guilty for no reason.

Glancing at Benjamin, Elizabeth said to Abby, “This is Mr. Houghton.”

“Hello!” Abby greeted as she waved at Benjamin.

Antony and Arthur also nodded lightly at Benjamin as a greeting

However, their expressions were a little frosty. They could tell that Matthew was unhappy because their mom was out on a date with another man. To them, Benjamin was no match for Matthew. He was not as good-looking and intelligent as the

latter. Judging by his expression, they knew Benjamin had no idea what was going on.

Without a word, Matthew walked toward the outermost glass room. That was the best spot in the restaurant.

Bergam The glass room was a feature of this restaurant. An ordinary person could hardly get a seat there. In fact, Benjamin had tried various ways to book the glass room but to no avail.

Abby shifted her gaze between Elizabeth and her two brothers before following Matthew into the glass room. After all,

Matthew was her favorite person.

Standing in the glass room, Abby and Matthew looked out at the scenery.

Elizabeth could hear Abby’s laughter from where she was seated. She looked at her two sons and told Benjamin, “The three of them are my children. They are triplets.”

Hearing that, Benjamin was dumbfounded, and his expression changed drastically.

Noticing that the man was not so fond of the three of them, Antony and Arthur walked up to Elizabeth and said, “Mommy, how could you go out on a date behind Daddy’s back? Look, he’s angry.”

Right as they finished speaking, they made a gesture of shooting at Benjamin before walking toward the glass room


Benjamin was stunned.

Looking at Elizabeth in perplexity, he asked, “Are they really your children with Matthew?”

Elizabeth turned her head to look at the glass room. The three kids seemed to be getting along well with Matthew. Even

Antony and Arthur were siding with him.

She shook her head. “No, I don’t know who the father of the children is. I dropped out of school back then because I fell


As she spoke about the matter, she still felt a little helpless like before.



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