Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 187

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 187

Chapter 187 Interrogation

Benjamin narrowed his eyes slightly. “It turns out that what they said is true.”

He looked at Elizabeth with a glint of disappointment in his eyes.

Elizabeth could feel it too. “That’s right. Like what they said, I’m that kind of a woman.”

With that, she grabbed her bag, ready to go to her children.

However, Benjamin held her hand. “Lizzy, how did you become like this?”

He had always thought Elizabeth was the most innocent and wonderful woman in this world.

How could she do something like this? She doesn’t even know who the father of her children is. He found it hard to


Elizabeth looked at him intently before sneering.

“I didn’t change. It’s just that you don’t know me well enough.”


Right as she finished her sentence, she headed to the glass room without looking back. Placing her bag on a chair, she

walked up to the triplets and wrapped her arms around their shoulders.

Benjamin watched her for a while until his eyes gradually darkened. Only then did he get up and leave.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth took in the scenery outside the window. The entire city of Mistwood looks so small. Perhaps this is

what it feels like to be in control of the world.

Beside her, Abby turned her head to look at Benjamin, only to see that he had left. She dragged Elizabeth to the other side, chiding, “Lizzy, what’s wrong with you? Don’t you see that Mr. Handsome is upset? You’d better go and console him.”

She handed Elizabeth a rose and nudged the latter, urging, “Hurry up!”

Looking at Abby, Elizabeth could not help but laugh.

“Abby, you’re overthinking. I’m only Matthew’s employee. It’s not what you think it is.”

Antony and Arthur were standing not far from them, so they could hear the conversation clearly.

Abby shook her head. “I think Mr. Handsome likes you very much!”

Hearing that, Elizabeth glanced at the man who was sitting alone at the table, drinking coffee. His side profile looked

stunning and handsome.

His legs were so long that his ironed trousers looked a little short on them.

As he grabbed the cup with his slender fingers and took a sip, a hint of smile appeared in his sharp eyes. He seemed to be

quite satisfied with the coffee.

He’s not only tall and handsome, but he’s also charismatic

Elizabeth turned her head away from him, not wanting to be bewitched

“You’re wrong. Abby He’s going to be engaged to another girl this Saturday. Don’t ever say something like that again.


Elizabeth tried her best to explain using words that Abby could understand

Abby’s face fell at once. “What? He has another girlfriend? Is she as beautiful as you?”

The little girl had watched a lot of romance shows, so she was quite familiar with plots like this.

When she heard Elizabeth’s words, the first thing she thought was that Matthew’s girlfriend must not be as pretty as Elizabeth Moreover, Matthew probably still favored Elizabeth, just like how things always turned out in those shows.

Thus, she was sure Elizabeth still stood a chance Mr Handsome has been so kind to the three of us Moreover, my

brothers look like him a lot. We should be a family!

She could not accept the idea of an unfamiliar woman suddenly appearing in Matthew’s life.

On the other hand, the two boys held a different opinion. They turned their heads to cast a glance at Matthew, realizing

that they had made a mistake.

This man doesn’t take Mommy seriously at all. He thinks she’s a fool he could easily take advantage of, but we will never

allow that to happen’

At that thought, they walked to Matthew, sandwiching him between them.

“Matthew, is it true that you’re getting engaged?”

A gleam of iciness appeared in Arthur’s eyes as he stared at the man in front of him Unlike him, Antony looked more

friendly with a smile on his face.

Despite that, he looked more evil than usual.

Matthew had not expected the two boys to ask him that

His gaze turned dark as he uttered, “You’re still young, so you don’t understand the adults’ world. I’ll explain to you in the


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