Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 189

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 189

Chapter 189 Reunion Of The Wade Family

“Lizzy, it’s the Wade family’s reunion today. Now that you’re back in Mistwood, you must attend.”

Then, he added, “Are you at the fast-food restaurant in the square now? I’ve told the driver to pick you up.”

Hearing that, Elizabeth looked at her three children. It would be troublesome if Grandpa sees them.

She shot to her feet abruptly and pulled Abby up from her seat.

“Antony, Arthur, take your sister through the back door. I have something to deal with.”


Abby looked at her unfinished fries, her eyes full of reluctance.

“I’m not leaving, Lizzy. I haven’t finished eating yet!”

She often got sick, so she rarely got the chance to eat fast food.

Since Elizabeth decided to be merciful today, Abby wanted to make the most out of it.

Nevertheless, she was carried out through the back door of the restaurant and thrown into a taxi.

Even the two boys were clueless about what was going on. They turned their heads to look at the restaurant, wondering

who their mother had seen to make her so terrified.

Could it be Daddy? Well, he’s still a better choice than other men. At least he won’t abandon Mommy, considering we’re


At that thought, they set their next task to force their daddy to pursue their mommy.

If they succeeded, their family would get to live happily together, and they would no longer need to help their mommy look

for those unreliable men.

However, the two boys did not see anyone. Thus, they could only wave goodbye to her.

“Remember to come home before ten o’clock, Mommy!”

Elizabeth nodded. “Okay! Bye!”

As the taxi drove away, Elizabeth let out a sigh of relief

Thank goodness Grandpa’s people didn’t see them. Otherwise, Grandpa would be enraged, and he might even vent his

anger on the children.

No matter how scary and unbearable the Wade family was, she was going to handle it by herself.

As soon as she sat back in her seat, several men in black suits walked in.

“Ms. Elizabeth, this way please.”

The men respectfully stood in two rows, making way for Elizabeth. She walked past them to the door and got into the

subtle-looking luxury ear.

Along the way, she watched the view outside the window It was getting dark, and the neon lights outside were beautiful.

Elizabeth was familiar with the road back to the Wade residence. That was the route she had passed through countless

times when she was a child.

She used to be very excited every time she saw the entrance, because it meant she was home.

However, when she saw the majestic gates now, she felt a little frightened.

She wasn’t sure what kind of attitude her relatives would give her, or how viciously they would speak to her to suppress her. They were the closest people to her, but they were doing the most hurtful things to her.

As the car parked in the parking lot, the driver opened the door for her.

She got out of the car, looking up at the brightly lit main building Seems like the gathering is so fun that the people in there aren’t leaving even when it’s nighttime already.

When Elizabeth walked into the living room, she saw everyone dancing.

Tiana had a wine glass in her hand, seemingly drunk.

“Aunt Francine, you dance well!”

“Uncle, you look awesome!”

Everyone smiled at Tiana as they looked at her.

“Tia, you’re so sweet.”

Suddenly, Tiana threw the wine glass on the ground, held her skirt, and danced alone excitedly.

“It’s just so great to be with all the Ashtons!”


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