Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 19

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Matthew Is Mean 

Elizabeth was even more agitated at the mention of her daughter.

“No way! She’s still a child! How can she possibly work at such a young age? I should be the

one doing hard labor instead of her.”

Little did she know, Elizabeth had fallen into Matthew’s devious plan.

He then raised his eyebrows as he took a piece of paper and pen before writing down a

promissory note.

“I don’t mind having you work for me, anyway. It’s quite troublesome to have a young child


In truth, he would not have thought of letting Abby work in his house, anyway. The young

child would have been pampered like a little princess if she were to stay in his place.

Initially, Matthew had only wanted to tease Elizabeth. However, after seeing her serious.

response, he thought that she would be the perfect companion for him, as he needed someone

who could cook and accompany him to his meals.

After he was done with the promissory note, Matthew placed it in front of Elizabeth.

“Sign it.”

Elizabeth’s fever had just subsided, and she had just woken up. Thus, she signed the piece of

paper without hesitation, fearing that her daughter might be taken away from her.

After she was done, Elizabeth bit her lower lip and said, “You’ll have to keep your promise,

Mr. Hilton/It’s me who’s going to pay off the debts, not Abby.”

As she spoke, Elizabeth patted her chest earnestly, and her eyes were filled with


Matthew then took the promissory note and folded it before putting it away in his pocket.

“I’m a man of my word. Give me a call once you’re feeling better.”


Chapter 19 Matthew Is Mean

He then got up from his seat. Matthew’s tall and handsome appearance was simply


Elizabeth was dumbstruck as she gazed at him. However, she eventually came to her senses

when she noticed his icy, cold eyes staring at her.

It must’ve been the fever! Otherwise, I wouldn’t be interested in Tiana’s man. That’s right. It’s

definitely the fever and the medication. In my current state, any hideous guy might even appear

handsome to me! Haha! I’m sure that I must be hallucinating now. Tiana’s man is no different

than any other hideous man out there.

Just then, Esme walked in with several food containers in his hands.

“I’ve brought some oatmeal porridge, Mr. Hilton.”

He placed the stack of food containers on the table and greeted Elizabeth, “So this is where

you live, Ms. Wade.”

So Ms. Wade is sick! No wonder Mr. Hilton was so anxious and worried. I totally understand

how he feels now.

Esme was delighted to know that Matthew finally had a lady companion with him. He was

happy for his boss..

However, Matthew shot a glare at Esme, causing the latter to shudder as he knew he had

been talking too much. Hence, Esme decided to leave the room hurriedly.

Elizabeth rolled her eyes at Matthew after seeing Esme, who had been reprimanded by his

boss, scuny off. Look just how terrified his staff is of him! He must be a difficult person to work


“Just remember to finish your oatmeal porridge. You will have to pay your debts after you’re

fully recovered.”

After reminding Elizabeth of her promise, Matthew then took his leave. Since she’s fine

enough to roll her eyes at me, I’m sure she’ll get better in no time.


Meanwhile, Elizabeth was indeed famished. She approached the dining table and opened the

Chapter 19 Matthew is Mean

food containers to take a look. Besides the oatmeal porridge, there were also a few savory dishes.

ordered by Esme, including catfish stew and sauteed vegetables.

Even though the food looked scrumptious, Elizabeth felt that her throat was still quite unwell.

It would make her condition even worse if she were to finish all the savory dishes.

Therefore, she could only settle down and sipped on the oatmeal porridge slowly.

As she ate her meal, Elizabeth thought about what had just happened. She felt devastated by

the huge debt imposed upon her by Matthew.

Even if the rent for their house had been settled, training fees for her three children were still

a huge problem for her. Despite the fact that they had told her it was unnecessary for them to

attend training classes, Elizabeth did not want her children to be lacking in their abilities.


Therefore, she was determined to earn more money, even if it meant working four jobs in one.

As she bit the spoon in her mouth, Elizabeth was mad at Matthew. He’s a total jik! How

could his time be worth ten million for the whole morning? He must be lying to me, right?

She then picked up her phone and texted Dominic. Since he was the CEO of Campbell

Corporation, Dominic was usually busy. Therefore, his time should also be worth a lot of money.

Dominic, I have a question. Do you know how much money you would lose if you didn’t go

to work for the whole morning?

After that, she scoffed inwardly.

Matthew Hilton, if you’re messing around with me, I will let the entire nation know that the

CEO of Hilton Group is a two-faced liar! I will also make sure you’re going to jail and serve a

long sentence for your lies!


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