Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 191

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 191


Chapter 191 Her Necklace

Suddenly, a few women surrounded Elizabeth and started chattering

“Yes. It does look nice.”

“Look at the shade. It must be pretty expensive.”

Elizabeth lowered her head. She was sure the number would blow them away.

Smiling slightly, she told them. “It’s just a cheap brand. It’s not worth much.”

She then quickly stuffed the necklace under her clothes, reminding herself not to reveal it ever again. If anyone with

knowledge about jewelry saw that, she would definitely be robbed

Actually, she did not want to wear the necklace. She wanted to leave it at home, but Matthew did not allow her to do so.

He even checked it daily to make sure she was wearing it.

What can I do? He’s my boss.

“So how much is it exactly?”

Francine and Christina were staring at her.

Francine then continued. “Just tell us. How much is it?”

Intrigued by the necklace, they crossed their arms, their gazes locked onto Elizabeth’s neck.

Having been mingling with the upper-class society for years, they were extremely interested in accessories like such.

Naturally, they had pretty good taste in jewelry. Even though they couldn’t tell the necklace’s brand, they could see

through the workmanship that it was a classic. It would become even more valuable as time went on.


Even if it weren’t worth much, it was not something embarrassing to wear. On the contrary, it would show their good

Left with no choice, Elizabeth lied, “Fifty

She assumed the two women wouldn’t be interested in something that cheap, so she blurted out the lowest price she could

think of, hoping that they would stop bothering her.

To her surprise, the two ladies each transferred a hundred to her.

“Buy two for each of us!”

Upon checking her phone, Elizabeth was shocked that they could actually bring themselves to buy such a “cheap”



As their reactions were contrary to her expectation, Elizabeth frowned in distress.

After that, a few housekeepers came up to her. “Ms. Elizabeth, we want the necklace too. If the madams like it, it must be

something great! Fifty, right? We want one too.”

They surrounded Elizabeth with their phones in their hands, transferring money to her.

At that moment, it looked like Elizabeth had come back to the Wade family to do business.

Seeing the commotion, Tiana came forward and sneered, “Elizabeth, are you trying to earn money from your relatives and housekeepers now? Are you that poor?”

Hearing her, the housekeepers quickly backed off. They were quite afraid of Tiana.

She had always acted arrogantly at home. Now that she was getting married to a Hilton, she got even worse.

Every time a housekeeper made a mistake, she would either scold them, hit them, or even chase them out.

Walking up to Elizabeth, Tiana glanced at her neck disdainfully.

“Aunt Francine, Aunt Christina, what is it that’s attracting your attention so much?” she questioned.

The two women stood there, looking awkward. In fact, they were also scared of offending Tiana. With Elizabeth around, Tiana would be reduced to the mere second daughter of the Wade family. Thus, she despised Elizabeth.

Together, they replied, “It’s nothing

With that, they quickly left.

“Aunt Francine, Aunt Christina, this necklace is one of its kind. I’m sorry, but I can’t buy another for you,” Elizabeth

called out after them.

She purposely raised her voice to let everyone hear her. That way, no one would bother her about it anymore.

As long as she didn’t accept the money they transferred to her e-wallet, the money would automatically be returned in twenty-four hours.

Staring at her coldly, Tiana spoke again. “Why did you come back? You’re not even one of us. This is the family gathering of the Ashtons.”

Not even Matthew was qualified to attend their family gathering. Even though he was going to become Tiana’s fiancé soon, he could only attend their gathering after they got married.

Elizabeth was chased out of the family long ago. She had no right to be there.


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