Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 193

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 193

Chapter 193 House Rules

Celine’s face paled. She had not expected Michael to speak up for Elizabeth.

Richard glanced at his wife before turning to look at Elizabeth. “Since it was your grandfather who allowed you to come.

back, make sure you obey the rules.”

Elizabeth ignored him. It was clear that she did not want to entertain him. This caused Richard to feel slightly awkward.

What a useless daughter, just like her mother!

Just then, Elizabeth said politely, “It’s getting late, Grandpa. I’ll head back first.”

Michael nodded. “Remember to come back in three days’ time, Lizzy. Your sister is getting married. She and Matthew will

need to pay you their respects and give you some gifts. It is the Wade family’s tradition.”

Celine was confused at Michael’s words.

“Dad, she’s just her older sister. There’s no need for such formalities. People will laugh at us,” she hurriedly said.

Upon speaking, she glared at Elizabeth, looking as if she wanted to rip the latter apart.

Celine knew that nothing good would come out of Elizabeth’s visit.

She’s even taking advantage of Tiana and Matthew. Who does she think she is to receive my daughter’s respect? How


However, Michael responded sternly, “This is our family’s tradition, the older child should get married first. Since Tia is getting married before her older sister, she should pay her respects to Lizzy as an apology.”

Celine still could not wrap her mind around his words. If outsiders knew about their ridiculous rule, they would be the laughing stock of the century.

Why is he acting like Tiana did something wrong? Does he not know that his friends have been congratulating him on his granddaughter’s marriage? It’s all because Tia is getting engaged to Matthew. Right now, no families in Mistwood could exceed the Hilton family. Even the elders know that, and they’re all impressed with Matthew and envious of Dad for getting an outstanding grandson-in-law. This is all thanks to Tiana. Why can’t Dad see this? Ile’s even making things hard for her. Is he heartless?

“Dad, it’s Lizzy’s fault for not finding a husband. Blame her instead,” Celine retorted.

Hearing that, Michael glanced at Elizabeth. Despite her stepmother’s nasty words, Elizabeth did not show any sign of


She still carried herself well with a calm expression, looking just like a wealthy family’s well-educated daughter.


Michael nodded to himself in satisfaction as he decided he should shower his granddaughter with more love.

“That’s enough. Both you and Tia shall copy the Wade family’s rules a hundred times,” Michael commanded. He had had

enough of Celine,

The latter stared at him in shock. A hundred times? That’s even worse than not wearing makeup! I don’t want to! What’s

wrong with him today?

Celine had been incredibly busy these few days. Since Tiana’s engagement was nearing, the dresses had been brought in,

and they needed to try them on. They would also have to send them for alteration if they did not fit.

There were so many things to do. Celine did not have any time to copy some stupid rules a hundred times.

Furthermore, she was about to become the mother-in-law of a prominent family. There would be a lot of people coming to

visit her.

Celine was not like Michael, who only needed to show up. He did not have to care about anything else.

Nevertheless, Michael was the head of the Wade family. No one dared to argue with him.

Richard gestured for Celine to stop speaking. The more she spoke, the more she would mess up.

Yet, Celine was not about to go down without a fight. She quickly shot a look at her husband, forcing him to speak up.

“How about this, Dad? Let’s put that aside for now. Tia is very busy with her engagement, and Celine also has a lot of

things to deal with. They don’t have time to do that,” Richard said with a smile on his face, hoping that his father would

understand their situation.

Celine nodded in agreement. “I really don’t have time, Dad. Once the engagement is over, you can even tell me to copy the

rules a thousand times. I won’t say a word.”

Of course, she did not mean that at all.

Alas, Michael shouted in fury, “So you guys don’t even bother to obey me now?”


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