Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 195

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 195

Chapter 195 Liars

Upon hearing this, the driver stepped hard on the accelerator, causing her face to bump into the front seat. She hit herself

so hard that tears flowed out from the corners of her eyes.

Does he have to step on the accelerator so hard? It hurts so bad.

“Miss, it’s best if you put on your seat belt. I’ll do my best for the sake of your husband.”

The driver was a kind person, and upon hearing that someone was about to jump off a building, he offered to do his best.

He picked up his walkie-talkie and announced to his fellow drivers, “Fellow friends, we have an issue. Someone ist

planning to jump off Horizon Tower. If you see him, try to dissuade him. His wife is on the way.”

“I’m nearby, but I don’t see any onlookers.”

“He won’t survive if he falls from such a height.”

“He chose the place well. The view up there must be good.”

“I haven’t been up there before. Perhaps I should head up and try to dissuade him.”

Elizabeth’s chest tightened as she listened to the drivers’ remarks.

She had only wanted to change her destination and ask the driver to hurry. Little did she expect the driver to be so kind. and even enlist help from his friends.

She covered her face in embarrassment and dared not look at him. If he knew she had just lied to him, he would surely give her a good scolding before letting her go

In no time, they arrived. The journey that would supposedly last for one hour only took thirty minutes.

The driver commented, “Quick, go now. I don’t think he has jumped yet. My friends are keeping an eye on things, and nothing has fallen.”

Elizabeth nodded at him awkwardly and said, “Thank you! You’re a good person.”

After saying this, she turned around and ran toward the elevator in the lobby of Horizon Tower.

When she arrived at the revolving restaurant, she calmed herself down before heading in.

She realized that there was no one in the restaurant save for the glass room.

Walking over, she greeted, “Mr. Hilton! I’m here. That was quick, wasn’t it?”

Matthew raised his left hand and glanced at the expensive watch on his wrist.

“You took fifty minutes. You’ve passed. You don’t have to give me Ms. Elliott’s number for now.”


He then reached out his armL

“Come help me up.”

Elizabeth quickly grabbed onto his well-defined arm.

She had always thought that he was skinny, but he was, in fact, very muscled.

He must be the kind of person who looks slim when dressed but muscular when undressed.

Just then, a mischievous glint appeared in Matthew’s eyes, and he smiled wickedly.

He retracted his hand and hooked it over her shoulder instead.

Elizabeth exerted tremendous effort to help him up. She could smell the strong scent of liquor coming from him.

“Mr. Hilton, how much did you drink?”

Matthew pointed at the two empty bottles on the table.

Elizabeth was shocked to see that he had finished two bottles of Lafite on his own. It was a pity as the wine had to be drunk

slowly for its flavor to be fully appreciated.

Matthew could hold his liquor well, and he was only slightly tipsy.

He pulled Elizabeth into his embrace, and the two of them were stuck together like glue. Exhausted from supporting him,

Elizabeth used her hand to wipe off her sweat.

“Mr. Hilton, where is Mr. Mack? I can’t support you on my own. Why don’t we get some help?”

Matthew laughed faintly. “Her girlfriend got into a car accident. He had rushed over to see her.”

“Ahh, I see…”

It makes sense that Esme has to go to his girlfriend. No wonder this man called me instead.

Meanwhile, Matthew smirked. Esme is single, and I can make up anything about his girlfriend. There’s no such person,


Straightening his back, he swayed unsteadily.

Elizabeth hurriedly wrapped her arm around his waist.

“Be careful not to fall down, Mr. Hilton.”

My goodness. We wouldn’t have left if I knew he would drink this much

Matthew’s other hand did not remain idle. He tried to wrap his arm around her waist tightly, just like what she was doing

However, due to their height difference, he ended up touching something soft and bouncy.



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