Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 196

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 196

Chapter 196 Humans Really Cannot Lie

Elizabeth’s expressions changed. She looked down and saw that he hadn’t loosened his grip. He was still holding on to her


She frowned and lifted her head to look at him.

“What’s wrong?” He looked back at her calmly.

Elizabeth bit her lip. Is he so drunk that he failed to realize where he’s pinching? Forget it. I can’t be thinking about that now. I have to get him into the car first

She took him outside. Each step she took made her feel as though she was going to die from exhaustion.

Why are men so tall? What’s the use of having such a long body and long legs?

Matthew couldn’t help but smile when she noticed the frown on the woman’s face.

Elizabeth ignored him. She was basically dragging him outside.

A few waiters came over at that moment, wanting to help her. But Matthew shot them a look. They were so stunned that they quickly retreated.

Elizabeth looked at the few waiters who were retreating and said, “Don’t go. I need help. Just help me get him into the

The waiters shook their heads. “We’re sorry, Miss. We’re busy and we have to go. Please excuse us

After saying that, they immediately left for the kitchen.

Elizabeth sighed. “How can they be so heartless? Can’t they see that I’m dying here?”

Matthew turned his head and looked at her. His smile widened when he took in the resentment written all over her face.

Despite her complaints, Elizabeth still walked forward with all her might and finally got him to the elevator.

Matthew buried his head in the crook of her neck. “Elizabeth, why do you smell so good? What brand of perfume do you


Tired and drenched in sweat, Elizabeth turned her head to look at him. “Mr. Hilton, are you really drunk? I smell good? I don’t think so.”

She no longer wore perfume ever since she had a kid because it wasn’t good for young children and their sense of smell.

“Yeah, you smell very good and very sweet.”

Elizabeth grinned and caressed his head.

Cannot Lie

“Matthew, I think you’re cute when you’re drunk.”

The man wasn’t as serious as how he usually spoke, and his tone was a lot warmer as if he was whining to her.

It made her feel a sense of warmth.


‘s lips gently grazed her neck. He thought she smelled really good as he listened to her words and allowed her to

pat his head as if he was a dog.

This silly girl must really think that I’m drunk.

He sucked her neck and planted a few hickeys there.

Elizabeth felt ticklish, so she lifted his head and asked, “Matthew, what are you doing?”

She then lifted her hand to touch that tingling and numb spot.

Matthew looked at the red mark he had left and his eyes shone because it looked seductive, arousing him.

“I wanted some candy.”

As he spoke, his eyes become darker and darker, like that of ink

“Mr. Hilton, where is the driver waiting for us? First floor or the basement?”

“It’s Larry’s mom’s birthday. I let him take a day off.”

In other words, there was no car, no assistant, and no driver.

Elizabeth almost lost her balance. Does that mean I have to carry him and hail a cab? If only I could pretend to pass out so that someone could call an ambulance to send us home.

The elevator arrived on the first floor. Elizabeth dragged him toward the door and attracted the attention of many people, not only because a petite woman like her was supporting a tall and lanky man, but because the man was handsome and the woman was beautiful.

Elizabeth could not be bothered anymore. She helped him to the side of the road and wanted to call a cab.

Matthew cooperated by taking a few steps, and the two of them stood by the road. The Uber was still there, so the driver drove over and stopped before them.

“Hey, beautiful, is your husband all right?”


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