Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 198

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 198

Chapter 198 Matthew Is Drunk

Having said that, the driver concentrated on driving, and Elizabeth let out a sigh of relief.

She removed her hands covering Matthew’s ears and glanced down.

Seeing Matthew with his eyes closed, she thought he must have fallen asleep.

Phew! Thank God he didn’t hear anything! If not, I can’t imagine what he will do!

When they arrived at the gates of Jupiter Mansion, Elizabeth frowned and said to the driver, “Sir, can you please send us inside? He’s blind drunk, and I can’t support him.”

I would die of exhaustion if I were to carry Matthew into the mansion alone.


It would take at least twenty minutes to walk into the mansion and that was when she was only alone and walking at her fastest speed.

If she had to drag Matthew with her, Elizabeth might end up taking two hours to get inside.

The driver looked around the residential area “The people who live here are from the moneyed class. Why would they want to take their own lives? It’s not like they can’t live anymore.”

After mumbling to himself, he shook his head.

I really don’t understand young people nowadays. They are emotionally weak!

Elizabeth raised her eyebrows. Indeed, one cannot tell lies because they will soon be exposed.

Upon entering the gate of the mansion, the bodyguards blocked the car. Seeing this, Elizabeth lowered the car window

and allowed them to look at Matthew..

“Mr. Hilton!” They greeted politely with a bow.

The driver was startled. Looks like this young man is no ordinary person.

With his curiosity piqued, the driver kept stealing glances at Elizabeth and Matthew through the rearview mirror.

Both of them were attractive and had an air of sophistication about them.

Ah! I think they’re from wealthy families. It seems that they’re bored with their mundane lives and wanted to do

something wild.

Lowering her gaze, Elizabeth looked at Matthew, who was sleeping soundly on her lap. She could not care less about the driver’s inquisitive glances.

When they arrived at the entrance of Matthew’s mansion, Elizabeth called out Matthew’s name.

Then, she turned to the driver and said, “Sir, you can stop here.”

The driver helped her get Matthew out of the car “Do you need me to walk you in?” he asked.

“No, it’s fine.” Elizabeth quickly said, turning him down, for she was rather afraid of his overzealous desire to help. Taking out a piece of note from her handbag, she shoved it to the driver and added, “Here’s one hundred, Sir. Thank you so much.”

get in

After that, she helped Matthew and walked into the mansion, and quickly closed the door.

Fortunately, the mansions here were all detached, and they all had their own gates. Once they were closed, no one could

Elizabeth hoped that Matthew and the taxi driver would never meet again. Otherwise, the warm and passionate driver would probably start talking to Matthew about life.

Thank goodness Matthew didn’t hear anything

A gush of warm air enveloped her as she supported Matthew into the mansion. Compared to the outdoor temperature, which was about one or two degrees, it was more comfortable inside because of its constant temperature.


Suddenly, Matthew opened his eyes and hugged Elizabeth.

He rubbed his head against Elizabeth’s neck, tickling her

She reached out her hand to caress him like how she would pat a puppy’s head.

“Stop it, Mr. Hilton! You’re tickling me.”

She let out a chuckle as she spoke because it was too ticklish.

“Where is this place? 1 want to go home.”

Elizabeth was taken aback What? He can’t even recognize his own house now?

She was forced to bury her head in his chest. The fragrance of his cologne and the faint redolent wine wafted into her

Trying hard to lift her head, she stared into

seyes and said, “Mr. Hilton, this is your house. Let me take you to your


Hearing her words, Matthew let go of her in an instant.

Then he took off his tie, coat, shirt, and trousers and tossed them onto the floor.

Elizabeth quickly covered her face. God, my eyes! Does this man know that this is how he behaves when he’s drunk?

At this moment, Matthew, clad in only a pair of white briefs, scooped Elizabeth up.


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