Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 199

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 199

Chapter 199 She Is Afraid

Elizabeth screeched, “What are you doing, Matthew?”

“Going to bed with you, my wife,” he answered.

As he strode up the staircase, Elizabeth was struggling However, she nearly fell out of his arms as she did so, almost scaring her to death.

Ceasing her struggles, she could only hug his neck tightly.

She was dazed, captivated by his handsome features. He actually looks cuter when he’s drunk.

She stroked his eyelashes gently and said, “You made a mistake. I’m not your wife.

Matthew smirked. “How could I be wrong? Didn’t you tell the taxi driver that I was your husband, Darling? That makes you my wife,” he murmured while keeping a straight face.

Elizabeth gasped. Did he hear that? Wasn’t he already asleep? Was he just pretending to be sleeping? It couldn’t be. If Matthew had actually heard the conversation, he would not have let it slip.

She was confident that Matthew would not remember any of these when he sobered up the next day.

He carried her into the bedroom and tossed her onto the bed so forcefully that she bounced off it.

Elizabeth crawled to the edge of the bed as fast as she could, her mouth hanging open. She was in shock. She knew that

the bed was a dangerous place to be with Matthew, even more so with him being drunk.

However, he grabbed hold of her before she could escape. Again, she was flung to the middle of the bed.

Matthew drew even closer and brushed his lips against hers. He then brought her arms over her head and pressed her

down on the bed as he continued kissing her.

Elizabeth was so close to losing her mind at that point. How did he get so wasted that he can’t even recognize his home

and his wife?

She tried to convey that he was kissing Elizabeth and not Tiana. However, the attempt was unsuccessful, as she was

unable to speak at all.

He continued mashing his lips against hers so firmly and aggressively that it made her lips go numb.

His kisses were just like him, so dominating yet irresistible.

Even so, she tried her very best to keep her cool.

She almost lost it, though, as he was wearing nothing but his boxers.

Elizabeth was just human, after all. It was completely normal for women her age to be filled with desires anyway. She

blamed it on the hormones.

Nevertheless, she knew she had to overcome the lust.

There was no way she would give in to the temptations. She would never allow herself to.

As much as Elizabeth tried to conceal her emotions, Matthew saw through her. They were written all over her face. It didn’t turn him off, though. Instead, he found it appealing and even seductive.

Tonight, he would use this opportunity of him being drunk to sleep with her. Once that was over, she would surely understand his feelings.

When Elizabeth snapped out of her daze, her lips had already been released, allowing her to breathe properly. Feeling a little chilly, it took her a moment to realize that she had been stripped of her clothes.

Oh, this naughty man. Not again!

“Hey, Matthew, look

at me. This is Elizabeth. I’m not Tiana,” she said while trying to wake him up by tapping on his back.

Well, of course, he knew. He was well aware that the woman was Elizabeth and not Tiana. However, this was perfect as she was exactly who he wanted so badly.

Before she could react, his lips touched hers again while his hand began caressing her all over her body.

Elizabeth’s eyes widened. The abrupt intimacy caught her off guard.

She panicked.

Her current situation made her recall a certain dream To be more accurate, she was reminded of that jerk from all those

years ago.

Matthew, almost as

He was extremely similar to they were the same person, especially the warmth and lines of his palm.

Memories of that man running off after sleeping with her were filling her mind again. The mere thought of it sent chills down her spine. Strangely, she was terrified yet a little euphoric.

These hurtful memories of Elizabeth’s daunting past had wounded her deeply, leaving a sear in her heart.

And all of a sudden, she was in pain. The flashbacks that she was getting made her feel as if her wound was being ripped

open again.

Her struggles grew increasingly violent. With full force, she started kicking Matthew until he finally fell off the bed.

She then sat herself up after breaking free of him. Matthew stood up, cradling his aching head, and asked coldly, “Were

you trying to paralyze me with that kick, Elizabeth?”




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