Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 20

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Lighting For Affection 

Nixon. Ismonic replied. Is there any thing that you need? I’d love to help out.

Thalath felt much better after having half a bowl of oatmeal ponidge and was ready to go

opstans to sleep again.

The illness had left her feeling weak.

However, she could not help but frown after reading Dominic’s reply.

She texted him: I just wanted to know how much a CEO’s time typically costs. Tell me. I’ll

keep you wonds a secret.

When she finished texting Dominic, Elizabeth poured a glass of water and went upstairs. She

then found some medication and went to bed after taking it.

Before she slept. Elizabeth looked at her phone and noticed that Dominic had replied to her


Dominic texted: If any important deals or transactions are to be negotiated that morning,

they could be worth tons of millions.

The reason Dominic had replied to her that way was that he wanted to let her know how

valuable his time and worth were, and that he would give up his own time and money for her.

Elizabeth sighed upon reading his reply. She knew Dominic would never lie to her.

He was kind and generous enough to save her life, and he had even helped her out multiple

times after that, In fact, he could have run away after encountering that situation.

After all, Elizabeth had been badly injured at that time, and it was hard to determine whether

she had indeed been run over by a car.

However, due to his excellent family upbringing and his kind heart, Dominic had not fled the

scene. Not only that, but he had also taken her to the hospital and mobilized the best medical

team to save both her and her unborn babies.

Chapter 20 Fighting For Affection


Thus, she was forever grateful for his kindness toward her, and she felt that she should not

up too much of his valuable time, hoping he would find his own happiness and love.

She was relieved to know that Matthew had not tricked her with his words. In that case,

Elizabeth would have to work hard to repay the money she owed him.

She finally put away her phone and went to sleep. Perhaps because of the medication, she

fell into a deep sleep.

Meanwhile, Tiana and Celine were holding hands together while walking toward the Wade


Tiana felt concerned and asked, “Mom, are you sure that we have to tell Grandpa about

Elizabeth returning to Mistwood?”

Back then, Elizabeth had been locked up at the Wade residence while she was waiting to

undergo surgery. However, before she could do so, both Tiana and Celine had made their move to

get rid of Elizabeth instead. The Wade family was not aware of their evil deeds.

After Elizabeth had disappeared, everyone in the family assumed she had escaped by herself,

and they even assumed she had eloped with the man who impregnated her.

Only Tiana and Celine knew she was already dead.

Thus, upon knowing that Elizabeth was still alive and kicking, Celine felt threatened. They

had to get Elizabeth to return to the Wade residence so they could keep her under control.

Otherwise, they were afraid that their evil deeds would be exposed.

If Elizabeth’s grandfather, Michael Wade, were to learn about what they had done to

Elizabeth, both Celine and Tiana would be in deep trouble.

Celine nodded her head. “Of course. Old Mr. Wade seems to miss Elizabeth very much,

right? You need to let him know that she’s back in town with three illegitimate kids in tow!

Elizabeth will be Mistwood’s laughingstock as long as she’s with the kids. There’s no way Old

Mr. Wade will let everyone know about this. Eventually, the only person who’s going to get hurt

is Elizabeth herself.”

Chapter 20 Fighting For Affection

Tiana gave it some thought and agreed with her mother’s words.

Both of them entered the house and went inside Michael’s study, only to find him practicing

his calligraphy.



Both ladies greeted him politely as they approached his desk.

Michael set down the quill and looked at them after completing a part of his calligraphy


“Is there anything you want to talk to me?”

Michael did not like being disturbed these days. It was probably because of his old age that

he did not enjoy lively scenes and surroundings anymore.

Tiana could only stand in a respectful manner since she was still terrified of Michael. Despite

the fact that Elizabeth had left the Wade family, Michael remained cold toward Tiana, and he

never thought of making her the heir to the Wade family.

Celine felt sad upon seeing how terrified and nervous her daughter was in front of Michael.

She could only blame Michael for favoring Elizabeth, which caused Tian to become devastated

and traumatized since she was young.

She was glad, however, that Tiana was now able to reclaim her position in the family

because she believed that Michael would shower Tiana with affection after he knew Tiana had

won Matthew’s heart.

Thus, Celine replied, “Dad, the Hilton family is coming over to meet our family this Friday.

Matthew likes Tia. You remember that, don’t you?”



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