Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 200

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 200

Chapter 200 Her Two Sons

Elizabeth pulled the blanket to cover herself as she looked at Matthew coldly.

“Matthew, take a good look. I’m Tiana.”

Wait a minute; he called me “Elizabeth” just now.

She glared angrily at him. So he’s actually clear-headed! He was lying to me. What a jerk!

Matthew took a glance at his lower body. Luckily, it’s not hurt. Or else, she won’t be able to feel the bliss for the rest of her

He arched an eyebrow slightly as he said, “Ms. Wade, how did you care for me that we’re on the bed now?”

Elizabeth felt defeated. He’s gone crazy with just a bit of alcohol and is even acting as if he lost, his memory.

She decided not to argue about it

With the blanket wrapped around her, she slid to the ground and picked up her clothes one by one to put them on.

Matthew pulled the corner of the blanket toward him, causing Elizabeth to be anxious, and she immediately tugged onto

“Matthew, you’re sober now. Stop messing around.”

Matthew uttered coldly, “I’m freezing.


It’s not like I’ve never looked at her body. I’ve even touched it, but she’s still shy.

However, he found her shy demeanor cute and was amused by it. Hence, he could not stop himself from teasing her.

Elizabeth felt like she would go insane. I’m his secretary, but why do I feel like I’m his lover? We are so intimate that it’s abnormal. Moreover, this has happened a few times. This must never occur again. Otherwise, the only one who will suffer is me. It’d be too pathetic if I have to be a secretary while also selling my body, all for thirty thousand.

Elizabeth moved backward, and the corner of the blanket dropped from Matthew’s hand. She ran to the toilet with haste, locked the door, and wore her clothes hurriedly.

When she opened the door and walked out, Matthew pointed to the phone on the bed.

He had put on a black silk nightgown. It made him look sexy and appealing

Even his voice was low and attractive as he said, “Arthur called you and asked you to return his call.”

Matthew held a lit cigarette between his fingers, frowning as he smoked. He had clearly felt how Arthur was acting colder toward him just now.

Besides that, when he said that Elizabeth would not be going back that night and wanted to apply for leave, Arthur

instantly rejected him and demanded that she go home.

Arthur obviously did not respect him.

Seems like I need to deal with both her sons first in order to make Elizabeth mine.

Elizabeth picked up the phone at once and called Arthur.

“Arthur, did you call me? What is it? Is Abby all right?”

Her voice sounded worried as every time Arthur or Antony called her at night, it was usually because something had happened to Abby

“Mommy, Abby is fine. She is already asleep. I’m just calling to remind you that you only have half an hour left. You’ll be punished if you don’t reach home on time.”

He hung up right after he finished speaking. Elizabeth was stunned for a while.

Her two sons had become strict once again after they understood that there was nothing going on between Matthew and herself.

She yelped after taking a look at the time.

“Ahl. It’s nine thirty-five!”


Then, she ran to the door. Matthew knitted his brows as he felt like she had neglected him.

He heard the commotion Elizabeth made as she rushed out of his house and left in a hurry.

Again, he took a puff of his cigarette. As expected, she forgets all about my existence once she receives a call from her

It was not a nice feeling being forgotten. He wanted to be her priority, someone she constantly thought about.

He took out his phone and sent a message in BigWoodThree’s group chat.

BigWoodOne texted: Who knows how to coax a child? Please advise.

BigWoodTwo messaged: Why? Is Lizzy pregnant, and you’re going to be a daddy? Matt, I’m not trying to nag you, but you’re getting engaged three days later. This is a bit too much. Lizzy will definitely abort the baby and ignore you forever.

Looking at what Nicolas wrote, Matthew’s brows knitted closer to each other. You seem to know Elizabeth really well, don’t you?


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