Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 201

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 201

Chapter 201 The Beloved Of Matthew

When Elizabeth went into the office the next day, she slumped onto her chair, too tired to even move a muscle.

The previous night, she had tried her best to rush home, but she was still late by ten minutes. Consequently, she was

dragged out of bed by her two sons at half-past five that morning. They tied a sandbag to her leg and forced her to run with


After running for five kilometers, her calves were then quivering, and she was dead tired.

It had been too long since she had undergone such intense training. In the past, Dominic was the one who coerced her in

such a manner.

At that time, she had just started working at Night City. Dominic was worried about her, so he forced her to learn


Her stamina was poor, so he would come over at the crack of dawn every single day to drag her out for a run. Her two son:

learned quickly and used that same method to punish her

When Matthew saw the woman who flopped into the chair like a dead fish after coming into the office, he lifted his head

from his pile of documents

“My coffee, Ms. Wade

Only then did Elizabeth shoot to her feet. However, he distinctly glimpsed the fleeting furrow of her brows.

Hmm? Is she not feeling well? Is she on her menstruation, perhaps? No, that’s not right.

He knew her time of the month, and it had only been a week ago. When she had her menstruation, she would have

hot-water bag in her hands and look all chagrined with everyone.


She had smashed two of his coffee cups and even walked all over him. In short, she was short-tempered during her time of

the month

Nonetheless, he had put up with it and tolerated her, seeing that she was on her period.

What’s wrong with her today? She looks as though she’s exhausted.

Elizabeth went to the pantry on shaky legs and brewed Matthew his favorite coffee with only a dash of milk. Then, she

-placed it in front of him.

“Your coffee, Mr. Hilton.”

After saying that, she seemingly recalled something, for her lovely eyes narrowed a fraction.

“Mr. Hilton, please don’t forget that you have a video conference at half-past nine.”

Having said that, she hastily went back to her desk and sat down. At once, she felt much better.


She started burying her head in her work. There were incoming calls from time to time, and she would filter them again

before patching them through to Matthew.

When Matthew glanced at Elizabeth after his video conference concluded, he saw that she was sprawled on her desk, fast


His gaze gentled slightly, and he walked over, draping a jacket over her.

Actually, he was more inclined toward carrying her to the lounge for a nap, but she was a light sleeper.

If he were to move her, she would definitely awaken.

Fortunately, the office was equipped with a thermostatic temperature control system, so it was pretty warm.

Dipping his head, he swept his gaze over her desk that was kept neat and tidy.

Her notebook lay open, and there was a note on the screen that read. Tuesday and Thursday, class at seven o’clock in the


Matthew committed that to memory and resolved not to hold her back when she was working so hard.

At that precise moment, the chief secretary, Gracie, pushed open the door and walked in. In a flash, her eyes widened

slightly at the sight of Matthew draping a jacket over Elizabeth.

Although there had been rumors within the company recently that Elizabeth had been cast aside by Matthew, the former

still stayed shamelessly.

Judging from the look of things then, however, it was a misunderstanding on their part.

In fact, Matthew’s concerned gaze and tender expression right then was evidence enough

Gracie had been working for the man for three years, but she had never seen him such.

Rooted to the spot, Gracie gaped at her employer. It wasn’t until she sensed his icy gaze that she jolted back to her senses.

“Mr. Hilton, Ms. Wade phoned me earlier and told me to remind you to go for the tuxedo fitting today.”

Their engagement banquet was three days later, but Matthew hadn’t yet tried on the tuxedo and all. Therefore, it was

evident that he seemingly didn’t take it to heart.

Matthew made a shushing gesture at her, upon which Gracie hurriedly zipped her mouth.

As the man waved a hand to shoo her away, the realization that he was afraid she would disrupt his beloved’s sleep

dawned upon her.

Indeed, that was Gracie’s thought-Elizabeth was Matthew’s most precious beloved.

She carefully closed the door. While standing at the door, she patted herself on the chest lightly.

Phew! If I had woken her, I would’ve probably been dismissed on the spot!

Just then, Esme strolled over and inquired, “Where’s Mr. Hilton, Ms. Johnson?”


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