Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 203

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 203

Chapter 203 The Arrogant And Domincering Woman

“Stop acting all high and mighty, Elizabeth! Grandpa wants you to come over for my wedding gown fitting Are you coming or what?” Tiana lambasted.

As her vicious voice rang out, Matthew could hear her loud and clear.

“Can I take the day off, Mr. Hilton? A paid leave, 1 mean,” Elizabeth inquired.

“In your dreams,” Matthew replied placidly.

At once, Tiana’s shrill cry split the air. On the heels of that, she promptly hung up.

Putting her phone away, Elizabeth said to Matthew, “Thank you, Mr. Hilton!”

Argh! The Ashtons are really annoying. They’re just marrying off their daughter, no? What’s there to flaunt? I’m not going so that they can pour scorn on me!

At that turn of events, Matthew’s eyes narrowed into slits. He finally knew why she hung up earlier.

While he wasn’t sure about the relationship between the two women, he heard her once saying that she and Tiana were


His engagement three days later was a show meant for his grandfather so that the latter wouldn’t worry about him and could recuperate with peace of mind.

At the thought of Elizabeth, however, a headache assailed him.

At half-past five in the evening. Cody went to pick the three children up. As soon as they stepped out of the school gate, Arthur took out his phone and gave Elizabeth a call.

Right then, it was also almost time for Elizabeth to get off work. The moment she saw that it was a call from her son, she happily answered it.

“School has been dismissed, Arthur?”

“Antony and I are cooking tonight, Mommy. Remember to come back for dinner.”

Arthur hung up after saying that. Elizabeth’s lips curved into a faint arc, reflecting her good mood.

Both her sons were a genius in all aspects. Even their culinary skills were top-notch, but they rarely cooked.

Only during her birthday each year did they personally prepare a scrumptious feast for her.

She relished it every single time, for their cooking tasted even better than the food prepared by the chef of a five-star


Recalling the taste, she grew a touch hungry. Hence, she stood up and went to the pantry to get a glass of water,

While cradling the glass, she took a sip of water. As she headed out, two secretaries walked in. Upon catching sight of her, they flinched, and their conversation earlier screeched to a stop.

“Ms. Wade.”

Elizabeth nodded at them before strolling out of the pantry.

The two remaining women then began gossiping “Did you see that? She was all nonchalant. Perhaps she’s used to be a mistress.”

“I agree. Mr. Hilton is going to get engaged to the heiress of the Wade family this Saturday, yet she hasn’t moved out of his office. How shameless!”

“Well, I think once he’s engaged, his fiancée will definitely kick her out of his office.”

Just then, Elizabeth strode back in and flashed them an awkward smile.

“I’m sorry, but I wasn’t eavesdropping on purpose. I left my phone here.”

She picked up her phone on the counter before casting a glance at the two women.

“Danica, Yelena, I’m afraid I’d have to disappoint you both. Even if Mr. Hilton were married, I would never move out of

his office.”

Indeed, she couldn’t lose that job and would defend it to the death.

“By the way, do remember to choose an obscure place when speaking ill of others next time. If Mr. Hilton were to

overhear the two of you, you might lose your jobs. After all, he doesn’t like to have rumormongers by his side.”

After saying that, she strode out of the pantry with her head held high.

The two women looked at each other.

In the next heartbeat, they shook their heads and snarled in unison, “I’ve really never seen someone so shameless!”

Nonetheless, they didn’t dare say anything further. If the person earlier were Matthew, they would be doomed. Hilton

Group paid the highest, so they didn’t want to leave.

Elizabeth returned to her desk, stealing a peek at the man at his desk. He appeared to have his plate full that day, flipping

through and signing a pile of documents nonstop.

She pursed her lips for a moment, but in the end, she ventured, “May I get off work on the dot today. Mr. Hilton?

Something came up at home.”

In reality, she had her mind on the food cooked by her two sons. Because it was too delicious, she didn’t want to miss it.

“Okay!” Matthew answered.


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