Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 205

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 205

Chapter 205 Dominic Wants To Win Elizabeth Over

When Elizabeth heard that, she gazed at her two sons fixedly. The smile on her face faded bit by bit. Walking over, she

gathered them into her arms.

“Thank you, Sweethearts! You’re the best present I’ve ever received. I don’t need anyone else when I’ve got you all!”

A man? Hah! What use is that? I only want to live happily with my three kids!

Just then, Cody came into the kitchen and said, “Lizzy, Mr. Campbell is here. Go and chat with him for a while. I’ll stay and help Arthur and Antony out.”

Elizabeth hadn’t much interest in cooking. If Matthew hadn’t coerced her to cook for him, she wouldn’t have even stepped foot into the kitchen.

Her family were aware of that, so they pampered her and forbade her from cooking

Her two sons knew that their mother didn’t like to cook, so they learned to cook by themselves. Then, she wouldn’t need to do it even if Cody were occupied in the future.

Elizabeth wrapped an arm around Cody’s shoulder. “All right. Thank you.”

Leaving the kitchen, she went to the sink to wash her hands before heading to the living room.

Abby was performing the dance she learned recently for Dominic

“What do you think of my dance, Dom?”

Abby loved to address others by their names in such a manner. She was familiar with Dominic, so she didn’t bother

maintaining her decorum before him.

Conversely, Elizabeth frowned. “Abby, you must address him as Mr. Dominic in the future. Do you understand me?”

However, Abby rolled her eyes at her mother. “Nope. I like to call him Dom.”

Having said that, she hooked her arms around Dominic’s neck. “Dom, do you like me addressing you


At that, Elizabeth shrugged helplessly. Oh well, I really can’t do anything about her attitude.

Dominic stroked her petite face, asserting, “As long as you’re happy, you can address me anyhow you like.”

Knowing that the man pampered the children since they were young, especially Abby, whom he indulged infinitely, Elizabeth couldn’t help sighing

“Dominic, you can’t pamper her so much in the future. Otherwise, she’ll grow up into an ill-mannered individual.”

Dominic handed the Barbie doll box to Abby. “Sweetheart, go and play with your new doll. I’ve got something to discuss

with your mommy.”

Abby looked at Elizabeth. While she was somewhat reluctant to part with her mother, she also yearned to play with her new Barbie doll. It was stunningly beautiful, and she didn’t have it in her collection.

In the end, she decided to abandon her mother with Dominic because of her Barbie doll. Well, they’re friends anyway!

Hugging the Barbie doll box in her arms, she went to the side to play. Elizabeth added some hot water into Dominic’s


“Have some tea.”

Dominic hadn’t been to her place for a long time, seemingly very busy recently.

In fact, it was difficult to even catch a glimpse of him.

Dominic picked up the teacup with steam wafting out of it and took a sip of tea. That was his favorite tea, and he could only drink it at Elizabeth’s place, for it was from Cody’s hometown.

It wasn’t sold anywhere else, so he missed it greatly.

“I’d like to ask you for a favor, Lizzy.”

Upon hearing that, Elizabeth chortled. “What is it?”

Dominic saved her and her three children, so if he were to ask for her help, she would certainly agree.

Subsequently, Dominic placed the teacup down and clasped his hands together.

A hint of delight shone in his eyes, and a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth as he gazed at her.

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He was in a good mood because with the

s getting engaged. Previously, he thought that Elizabeth hooked i

man, but judging from the present situation, that didn’t seem to be the case.

I shouldn’t have doubted her. She’s not that kind of woman and would never marry him because of money! Besides, I’ve

known her longer, so we know each other better.

On the whole, he believed that he had the edge over Matthew.

Seeing that he was staring at her motionlessly, Elizabeth waved a hand at him.

“Hey, what are you thinking about, Dominic? Go ahead and tell me! As long as it’s something within my capabilities, I’ll definitely do my best.”

“Lizzy, I need a female companion on Saturday. Will you be my female companion?”

Not only did Dominic want to bring her along to attend Matthew’s engagement party, but he also wanted the media to photograph them together.


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