Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 206

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 206

Chapter 206 They All Loved Elizabeth

Elizabeth was stunned for a moment after hearing Dominic’s request. “Are you attending Matthew’s engagement party?”

She knew about the upcoming event on Saturday. It was the engagement party between the Wade and Hilton families that were presently the talk of the city. It was likely that all the upper-class people in Mistwood would be attending. The Campbell family was the second most powerful family in Mistwood, so they were naturally on the guest list.

Knowing that he wouldn’t be able to keep her in the dark, Dominic nodded,

“Please don’t turn me down, Lizzy ”

Dominic was wearing a white suit, looking immaculate and elegant. When he looked at her, there was a smile in his eyes.

Elizabeth mulled it over.

But if Mrs Campbell were also attending, she would undoubtedly go off the deep end. After all, she threw me a check and told me to leave Dominic. Anyway, I can understand her feelings. He’s her most beloved son, so she will naturally object if he were to marry someone with children If I were in her shoes, I would also take issue with it. From her perspective, I do understand her. But then, Dominic has a special place in my heart, for he’s my savior.


I’ll just have to put up with a few glares from her and her giving me a hard time. That’s nothing to me!

Beaming, Dominic reached out and stroked her head

“Thank you!”

At that precise moment, Cody stepped into the living room. When she saw the interaction between the two of them, a flash of worry flittered across her face.

Should I tell Mr. Hilton about this? After all, I took so much money from him. Besides, I can tell that Mr. Hilton treats her very well. Lizzy has known Mr. Campbell for many years, so if they could get together, that would’ve happened ages ago. As such, Mr. Hilton seems to have a higher chance.

Therefore, she took out her phone to send Matthew a text message. Without warning, someone suntched her phone away.

Arthur scanned the words on the phone. Sure enough, Ms Elliott is in cahoots with that man! Antony was spot on!

The text message read: Mr. Hilton, Mr. Campbell came over tonight and is having a great time chatting with Ms. Wade. Why don’t you come over as well? Antony and Arthur are cooking today. Their cooking is pretty good, so you should come over

for a taste.

Arthur deleted the entire message, a faint smirk flashing across his eyes. He wants to eat our cooking? Hah! In his dreams! Even if we feed it to the dogs, we’ll never give it to him!

A hint of chilliness manifested on his grim face.

“Ms. Elliott, you’re not allowed to send that man any more messages in the future. Do you understand?”

His glacial expression was rather petrifying. While he was only a child, he resembled an adult at that moment and gave off a strong sense of oppression.

Cody was wholly stunned, for she had never seen that side of Arthur. She even started to suspect that the boy she had been interacting with every day was seemingly a different person.

When Arthur noticed her surprised and mystified expression, he beckoned her over.

“I’ve got something to tell you.

Hence, Cody followed him out of the living room and went to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Antony had already finished cooking the last dish.

With a smirk playing on his lips, he carried the dish to the dining table.

“Was my guess right, Arthur?”

Arthur nodded. He then told Cody to have a seat, and the latter sat down woodenly.

Upon seeing that, Antony laughed. “Don’t be afraid, Ms. Elliott. We’re not blaming you. Instead, we only want to tell you. that Matthew Hilton is going to get engaged to the heiress of the Wade family this Saturday. It’s all over the news. As such, he’s not suitable for Lizzy.”

Feeling that Antony was still the same as before, gentle and approachable, Cody nodded.

On the heels of that, her eyes widened in shock.

“Mr. Hilton is getting engaged to someone else?”

Arthur crossed his arms over his chest and answered coldly, “Yes!”

While deeply shocked, Cody also finally understood why the two children were acting in such a manner.

“All right. No matter how much money he offers me in the future, I won’t take it! How dare he bully Lizzy like this? Hmph! We’re no easy prey!” she asserted firmly.

It seemed that she was even more worked up compared to them. The two boys exchanged a look before Antony hastily patted her.

“Don’t be so emotional, Ms. Elliott. Watch your blood pressure.”


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