Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 207

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 207

Chapter 207 The Engagement

It wasn’t until then that Cody realized she had seemingly lost her composure. She then chuckled.

Just now, she even felt that Arthur had changed and was no longer the person she knew, but she was likewise incandescent

then. In reality, it was the same situation.

They all loved Elizabeth far too much.

Cody got to her feet and served the food.

Antony went and called them all for dinner before they came to the dining room to eat. Abby was hugging the Barbie doll in her arms. She loved it so much that she couldn’t bear to put it down.

As she walked, she even said to Dominic, “Thank you, Dom!”

Dominic flashed her a smile. “You’re welcome. I’m glad you like it, Abby!”

He really liked the three children and Elizabeth. If I could live with them for the rest of my life, I’ll be beyond happy and


Elizabeth followed behind them.

When she spotted the few people at the dining table, she exclaimed, “Thank you, Arthur and Antony!”

Meanwhile, when Matthew stepped in the door, he was greeted by the sight of Chelsea and Hector in the living room.

He slipped off his shoes before heading toward the living room.

Chelsea stood up in delight. “You’re back, Matt?”

While saying that, she glanced at Hector. Matt is adhering to his wishes to marry the daughter of the Wade family, yet he’s still looking all chagrined. Verily, I’m increasingly at a loss as to how to please him!

She took Matthew’s arm and inquired, “Is the engagement distracting you, Matt?”

He was busy with work in the first place, yet he also had to make arrangements for the engagement then. Thus, her heart

ached for him.

“Not really,” Matthew confessed mildly.

In truth, he didn’t take it to heart at all. Everything was handled by Esme.

He walked over to Hector and greeted, “I’m back, Grandpa,’

Hector lifted his eyes and regarded the man placidly. Then, he cast his gaze in the direction of the door. At once, his expression turned chilly once more.

Likewise, Matthew glanced at the door, his eyes narrowing a fraction.

“So, you weren’t waiting for me, Grandpa? Who were you waiting for?”

Rolling his eyes, Hector lifted his hand and pointed at the door with indistinct sounds escaping his mouth. He wanted to

speak, but he simply couldn’t form any words.

He pounded his hands against the wheelchair in frustration, but no one understood him.

I want to see my three great-grandchildren! I miss them. Why have they stopped coming over recently?

Sitting down beside him, Matthew stated indifferently, “We’re only getting engaged, so it’s still inappropriate to let her

come over.”

He reckoned that Hector wanted to see Tiana. Ugh! I wonder what kind of spell that woman cast on him!

When Hector heard that, he turned his head away and ignored the man entirely.

Chelsea patted Matthew’s hand. “Don’t take offense at him, Matt. He’s even more hot-tempered after being sick for so

long. We must tolerate him more.”

Presently, Chelsea was exceedingly accommodating with Hector. After all, the man was in a coma for six long years. Perhaps he couldn’t bear to part with them, so he woke up at long last.

They couldn’t bear to part with him either, so they could only love him doubly.

They could put up with a bit of a temper tantrum, and Matthew even obeyed him when it involved his own marriage. It was because they loved him and wished that he could live a few years longer.

Matthew nodded imperceptibly in agreement.

Three days later, Matthew’s engagement party was held at Voyage Hotel. The news reports on television broadcasted the state of affairs at the banquet hall, the scene incredibly beautiful and resplendent.

Tiana merely allowed the makeup artist and designer to doll her up.

As she looked at the scenes on her phone, she couldn’t help remarking, “Mom, am I really marrying into the Hilton family? It doesn’t feel real. Pinch me, please. I think I might be dreaming”

At the sight of her excitement, Celine inexorably chortled. In all honesty, she was also thrilled then.

Many socialites had gone to her house the previous day, and their attitudes toward her were wholly different.

They had even gifted her many expensive items, all congratulating her when they were actually green with envy.

As she studied her daughter, the more she felt that the latter was incredible that she even managed to bag Matthew



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