Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 209

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 209

Chapter 209 The Evening Gown

Matthew rolled his eyes at her and said, “There’s no need for that ”

Holding the set of clothes, he then returned to his bedroom

Esme stood at the door and watched him stride to the guest room. He then headed back into his room.

When Matthew came out of the room, he had put on the black suit with a white shirt and the knitted beige sweater from Elizabeth.

Walking up to him, Esme stated, “Mr. Hilton, the Wade family has arrived.

If we head over now, people will surely criticize us for having no manners,

Those were the words Esme dared not say aloud and kept to himself.

Matthew did not respond and headed downstairs right away.


It was already half-past one in the afternoon when they arrived at Voyage Hotel

After leaving the house, Matthew had picked a restaurant of his liking to have a meal at, as he was unsure whether he would have an appetite in the afternoon.

A group of people followed him and dared not say much. It was only after Matthew finished eating and drinking to his heart’s content that they headed to Voyage Hotel

When he stepped into the banquet hall, many eyes were on him, including those of the housekeepers from the Wade family and the waiters at the hotel. His charming features and cold demeanor had caught their attention.

A few housekeepers from the Wade family whispered, “Mr. Hilton is so handsome!”

“You’re right! Ms. Elizabeth is very lucky.”

Tiana, who sat in the lounge, panicked when Matthew had not arrived after a long time and constantly asked someone to

look for him.

Just then, Tiana’s housekeeper, Sarah, dashed back to the lounge

Ms. Tiana, Mr. Hilton is here. He looks so handsome!” Sarah exclaimed while covering her mouth with her hands


Shooting her a cold glare, Tiana snapped back at her, “Stop fangirling over him. He’s mine.”

Nodding vigorously, Sarah replied, “Yes, yes. He’s yours, Ms. Tiana.”

Tiana rose to her feet and wanted to look for Matthew as she thought she should be by his side during such an occasion.

She was wearing a bright red evening gown, giving off the vibe of the lady of the house.

Lifting her gown, she stood up when Celine called out, “Tia, where are you going?”

Apparently, Tiana was not supposed to leave now, as the bride should only show up last to surprise everyone.

Pouting her lips, Tiana said, “Mom, I want to go and see Matthew. Since he did not try on the suit that day, I’m afraid it might not fit him.”

I have trimmed many parts of the suit that needed modification anyway

Celine laughed and said. “Tia, can’t you tell with that body proportion of his? He is like a model who can pull off anything he wears.”

Tiana pondered for a moment and agreed.

Glancing at her body, she noticed she had gained some weight lately, as she couldn’t control her craving for food, despite trying hard to lose weight.

Fortunately, she could still fit into the evening gown. Otherwise, she would genuinely regret what she did.

In the afternoon, Dominic had someone send the evening gown to Elizabeth’s place. When the three children saw the box in her hands, Abby asked, “Lizzy, what is that?”

Shaking her head, Elizabeth replied, “I don’t know either. It’s from Dominic.”

Abby’s eyes sparkled as she exclaimed. “It must be good stuff. He probably bought me a Barbie doll!”

Having figured out what was in the box. Antony and Arthur raised their bows and smiled. Mommy is so dumb. Of course, it’s matching clothes since she promised to be his female companion.

After returning to the living room, Abby urged, “Lizzy, hurry up and open it.”

Flashing her a smile, Elizabeth said, “All right! Don’t be so excited.”

At that moment, she received a phone call from Dominic, and so she answered the call first.

“Lizzy, does the evening gown fit? Remember to do your makeup.”

Dominic planned to show everyone that night that Elizabeth was his woman.

At the thought of announcing the news during Matthew’s engagement party, he thought things were getting more interesting

Although the two most influential families in Mistwood seemed to get along well with each other in the eyes of others, they were compeling with each other secretly. This time, the marriage of convenience of the Hilton family caused an uproar


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